Work Permit Application

  • Students: Congratulations on securing a job! 


    To obtain a work permit, students must initiate the application. The 2021-22 school year work permit applications can be submitted starting August 2. Applications received between July 19 and July 31 for the 2021-22 school year will be held until August 2.


    Note: A student needs her/his guardian's email and employer's email to complete this step. Once the student completes her/his section, s/he routes it to the guardian, after which it gets routed to the employer.


    For further guidance on completing your application view this presentation.


    If you need more help, please contact the Work Permit Point Person from your school. See list below:



    Point Person

    Point Person’s email address

    R. Bunche Academy

    Evelyn Delgado

    Madison Park Academy

    Yanira Velazquez

    Oakland Tech


    Muanglium Saechao

    Terrance Holliday 

    Oakland High 

    Gayle Fake

    Oakland International

    Dola Abdulla

    Skyline High 

    Alisa Douglas

    Dewey Academy

    Michell McKnight


    Samantha Odom


    Rosemary Rivera 


    Jessica Arechiga

    Life Academy

    Rodrigo Sandoval-Perez


    Amy Boyle

    Community Day

    Robert White, Jr.

    Street Academy

    Robert Young

    Rudsdale & Sojourner Truth

    Jenny Romero


    Audrey Wade

    Rudsdale Newcomer

    Henry Sales-Hernandez


    If you are unable to contact the point person for your school, please reach out to Edith Gambrell at