Teachers of the Year

  • The OUSD Teacher of the Year recognition shines light on those individuals who are successfully designing and using the strategies and tools that will help each of their students succeed and thrive.


    OUSD Teachers of the Year combine the passion, experience, skill and collaborative spirit that add up to effective partnerships with school, colleagues, community, parents, and most importantly, students. OUSD’s Teachers of the Year are not only dedicated educators, but also dedicated citizens!


    Meet our 2020-2023 Recipients!

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  • 2015-16 Recipients

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    Ann Park
    Bridges Academy at Melrose


    A large carpet with bright colors is laid across the floor of Ann Park’s fifth-grade classroom at Bridges Academy at Melrose in East Oakland.

    About 20 chairs are formed into a horseshoe around the carpet with Ann sitting in the center, as students enter class and begin to take their seats around the carpet.

    Her calm and engaging voice seemingly puts her students at ease as they go around the group and share their feelings and goals for learning the day.

    “OK, let’s go around and tell each other how we feel today,” she says to students, as they begin to share. “Let’s get ready to learn.”





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    Johanna Paraiso
    Fremont High School


    It’s a Wednesday morning and students at Fremont High School stream into Johanna Paraiso’s senior English class as the third period bell rings.

    She’s waiting for them with a smile as she encourages students to greet each other with a kind word and a hug.

    “Hugging is always good, as long as you know the person,” Johanna said, as she joked with students. “Let’s make sure we say ‘Hello’ before we get started. If you see someone down, let's pick them up.”

    It’s just one of many ways Johanna connects with her students and prepares them for class each day.