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Oakland Unified School District

Current Substitutes



Starting January 1, 2023, ALL Subs will now take positions using the Frontline Absence Management System

What does this mean for you?

  • SmartFindExpress ends December 31, 2022.

  • Substitute jobs will only be listed in Frontline Absence starting in January 2023.

  • If you use Frontline Absence (Aesop) through another district, you will be able to add OUSD to your account and see all your districts at a glance.

  • You must meet the following requirements to continue to substitute using Frontline Absence Management,
    • Have a current phone number in Escape

    • Have up-to-date TB clearance in Escape

What you need to do:  

Look for an email invitation from to your personal email address to create an account with Frontline Absence Management. You will be able to create a Frontline ID and password via the link in the email.

Email if you:

  • have any trouble logging in, 
  • have not received an email invitation
  • received an email invitation to your personal email but wish to use your email,  
  • logged into Frontline using your email, but wish to use your personal email

Review OUSD Frontline Absence Management training materials here.

Login here:

For support contact

See training materials here.

Resources for Guest Teachers

Frontline Absence Management Training Materials

OUSD Substitute Frontline Training Material File

Information for OUSD Guest Teachers
Substitute Teaching Resources

Need Frontline Absence Management support? 

Join us for drop-in support Thursdays from 3:30-4:30pm on Zoom.

Email Us

Frontline Absence Management Training Webinar

Register for the January 4th 2:30-3:00 training webinar here.

View previous recording here (password: k4X&2CXm)

See the deck here, including click-by-click instructions on setting up your account, changing your preferences, and viewing and accepting open positions.

Frontline Absence is replacing SmartFindExpress as of January 3, 2023. Learn how to login and use the system.