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Oakland Unified School District

Training and Compliance

Safety and Compliance Training

Oakland Unified School District requires employees to complete safety and information training on various subjects in accordance with law and the recommendations of the OUSD Risk Manager.  These requirements ensure employees maintain the highest safety standards for themselves, their coworkers and for students at all times.

Online Training System

All employees will receive an email notification (and reminders) when trainings are assigned with links to the training courses through Keenan Safe Schools.

Login Instructions:

  1. Log in here 
  2. Username: your OUSD Employee E-mail address (
  3. Then press Log me in!

Required Trainings for All Employees

Mandated Reporter

Definition of the Mandated Reporter role and rules and tools for reporting.  All district employees and most contractors are Mandated Reporters under state law. This training is required every year. (see training FAQs here)

Free Mandated Reporter training for non-employees can be accessed through the California Department of Education at

Sexual Harassment awareness and prevention

Required for all employees every two years. There are manager and non-manager versions of the training and the correct one will be assigned automatically to you depending on your position. If you are new to a manager position, the manager training is needed even if you completed the non-manager training within the past 2 years.  


Required for all employees every year.  How to safeguard your and OUSD's online security and information.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Required for all employees every year.  This course covers various pest management issues, and contains information all staff need on chemical disinfectants (hand sanitizer) now widely in use throughout the district.  

Please be aware that the Keenan site trainings are not available to any non-employee, such as individuals working under an organization contracting with OUSD or private contractors doing business directly with OUSD. These individuals should refer to their employer of record or their contract with OUSD to find their specific training requirements.


For questions related to your specific training requirements, please speak to your immediate supervisor. For technical issues or any questions related to the Keenan Safe Schools system, you may contact the Talent Division.