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Oakland Unified School District

Directory Information

The Oakland Unified School District may release directory information to requesting parties.

Directory information includes

Student Name, Parent/Guardian Name, Student Address, Parent/Guardian Address, Student Telephone Number, Parent/Guardian Telephone Number, Student Email Address, Parent/Guardian Email Address, Student Date of Birth, Student's Major Field of Study, Student's participation record in officially recognized activities and sports, Weight and height of athletic team members, Student dates of attendance, Student degrees and awards received, Student most recent previous school attended, Student identification number, user identification, or other personal identifier, provided that the identifier cannot be used to gain access to education records

Directory information does not include

 a student's social security number, student's citizenship status, immigration status, place of birth, or any other information indicating national origin, and the District will never release such information without parental/guardian consent or a court order. In addition, no directory information of a student identified as a homeless child or youth as defined in 42 USC 11434a shall be released without parental/guardian consent.

If you do not wish for the District to release this directory information, please follow the steps below or contact your school directly for assistance.

Instructions for opting out of releasing directory information

  1. Log into your parent portal account.
  2. Select 'student info menu'.
  3. Select 'data confirmation'.
  4. On the left click 'authorizations'.
  5. On this page you can allow or deny the all agency opt out and adjust your other authorizations.
  6. Be sure to click save at the bottom of the page when you are finished.