OUSD Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Our Strategic Plan

  • In June 2020, the Oakland Unified School District renewed our commitment to a future in which all OUSD children and educators—regardless of their background or their circumstances—have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. From the unprecedented and disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black and Brown communities and uprisings against systemic racism throughout the country and world, there are reminders everywhere we look that we are far from this vision of equity. Oakland is no exception to this reality, but our community is resilient; and in times of great uncertainty and seemingly insurmountable challenges, our beloved city has never let up.


    Inspired by the legacy we stand in, OUSD has crafted a strategic plan around four initiatives that will ensure all students have equitable access to the tools they need to succeed within and beyond school walls. Collaborative partnership with our community was the foundation of our journey to create these plans; we centered the concerns of families and listened to diverse voices in order to deepen our understanding and widen the perspectives informing our work to create a vibrant and just OUSD.

Our Four Initiatives

Reparations for Black Students

  • On March 24, 2021, the OUSD Board of Education passed the Reparations for Black Students Resolution that recognizes the impact of structural societal racism over many generations on our African-American families, and creates a task force to prioritize action on a number of measures to address these issues in our schools. 


    To learn more about our Reparations for Black Students Resolution, you can click here or visit ousd.org/reparations

A Community Plan

  • In 2020, Phase 1 of our planning process led us to define four initiatives for our strategic plan. During Phase 2, we formed working groups of district and community members for each initiative. These teams worked together to create a three-year vision for each initiative, define focus areas to guide the work, and frame the current landscape. 


    We are currently in Phase 3 of our process, Implementation Planning. 

    strategic plan timeline visualized in green arrows (text follows)
  • Phase 0: Preparation

  • Phase 1: Community Engagement

  • Phase 2: Community Planning

  • Phase 3: Implementation Planning

  • Phase 4: Ongoing Execution