About the OUSD Strategic Plan 2021-24

  • Overview

    The 2021-24 OUSD Strategic Plan will focus on a narrow set of strategic actions for the next three years. It is an opportunity to reimagine our work and to craft an Oakland community and school system that represents our highest hopes and dreams for ourselves and the generations to come. 



    When Kyla Johnson-Trammell started as Superintendent in 2017, the system was in disarray. It was no time for big visions. It was a time for action. We focused on 1) quality community schools,  2) fiscal vitality, and 3) organizational wellness. And we have and continue to make steady progress in these areas. Even in the midst of this pandemic, however, we knew we needed to keep our eyes on the future and that's where the 2021-24 Strategic Plan comes in.


    Phase One

    Last fall, we began drafting a strategic plan. During Phase One, over 800 people shared their feedback.


    We landed on four key initiatives:




    Phase Two

    In the spring of 2021, we started Phase Two.  For each of the four initiatives, we had working groups drafting high level goals and other ways to guide our work together. In total, over 80 district staff and community members are involved in these groups. Each working group will continue to include ways for the community to  be involved.


    We held community engagement sessions in early June to solicit feedback from the community. You can also share feedback via this online form at any time.


    A high-level plan was shared with our Board of Education on June 16 and they will hold a vote on June 30.


    Together, we will work to provide our young people with the opportunities they so richly deserve.



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