Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year!

Dear Oakland Technical High School families:

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year at Oakland Technical High School! We are excited to meet  those new to our bulldog family, and see those returning back to our school.

The first day of school is coming up quickly, on Monday, August 8, 2022 and we are busy preparing for what we think will be an exciting year for the Oakland Technical High School Community.

Back to School Forms/Enrollment forms & In Person Registration:

Back to School Forms are required every year. Families can fill out back to school forms on-line in the Aeries Parent Portal, or they can fill out paper forms at school. We ask all families to complete the forms by August 31, 2022.

  • Visit parent.ousd.org (or scan the QR code below) to complete the forms online.
  • For support in completing back to school forms online, join us on our registration days which are shared below in this document.
  • We can help you create an Aeries Parent Portal account if you don’t have one.
  • Please note that forms do not need to be filled out before the first day of school – your student will not lose their seat if the forms are not complete by August 8.

Similar to last year, we are also asking for information about monthly household income and number of members within the household. This information is essential for Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) to receive the maximum amount of dollars from the state of California to ensure that we have experienced teachers for our classrooms and each student receiving a high quality and rigorous academic learning environment. Each year, OUSD loses out on millions of dollars from the state which impacts the quality of our schools, and instructional programs.. Thank you for your partnership in ensuring that Oakland Tech continues to offer a competitive education for its scholars.

If you need access to an electronic device or the internet to complete any document, please come in during one of the in-person registration dates listed below. It would be our pleasure to provide any needed equipment or troubleshoot any concern that may come up. Dates for in-person registration are aligned with key in-person events. (SEE KEY ANNOUNCEMENTS BELOW)


  • Aug 5, 2022
    9:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    Make Ups for all

If your scholar misses the registration, they will need to get their picture taken once school starts. The make up picture date will be August 12th, 2022 from 9 am – 4 pm.

If they miss that date, they will need to make an appointment with Ms. Ethel to get their photo taken. Times and dates for make-up photos will be announced in the weekly Advisory announcements and publicized around school.

In person registration has been designed to support with the achievement of the following tasks:

  • Textbooks Return/Collection:

We need scholars to return textbooks as soon as possible. Many students have not returned textbooks, which has impacted our ability to offer textbooks to future scholars seeking the use of these textbooks. We will be conducting an internal audit of all overdue textbooks and contacting all scholars for the return of overdue textbooks. Any student with an overdue textbook will be assessed a fine and undergo delayed progress in the registration process.

  • Student ID Cards:

Your child must take a photo for a student ID card. A student ID card supports school safety and our ability to keep scholar’s safe. A student ID card allows school personnel to determine scholars vs. non scholars. Please encourage your scholar to keep their ID on their persons at all times. We can only keep scholars safe by working together as a school community.

A student ID card is required to secure discounts for student activities and check out textbooks within the library. Students will not be able to check out textbooks by simply calling out their student ID number nor should they expect a discount because we know who they are. They will need to present their ID for textbook check out and for the discount

If your scholar misses the registration, they will need to get their picture taken once school starts.

  • Physical Education (P.E.) Uniforms :

All students that take PE will be required to wear a Oakland Technical High School PE uniform this year. You will need to purchase a uniform during registration. A full uniform consisting of a shirt and shorts costs $20. If this will present an undue hardship, financial assistance is available. Please fill out the following link: Financial Aid Request for PE Uniforms and we will address the matter as soon as possible. This is a confidential process. If you would like to make a donation to the PTSA for PE uniforms, you may also do so by clicking the following link: PE Uniform Donation form

  • Chromebook pick up/return:

If you need to check out or return a Chromebook, please reach out to phillip.williams@ousd.org and robert.moses@ousd.org

  • PTSA Sign Ups:

The PTSA is at the heart of much of the work we do here at Oakland Tech. Oakland Tech can only do what it does because of the generosity of the parents within our school community. We would greatly appreciate any support that you can provide financially or simply just volunteering. All contributions are appreciated and contribute to the benefit of our scholars. Here is the digital link to sign up for PTSA: PTSA Sign Up Form

  • Student Club Information:

There will be some student clubs recruiting students for participation within their club during Registration. However, most will wait until school starts to begin recruitment. Oakland Tech’s official Club Day will happen tentatively during the second week of October. You can find a list of clubs from the 2021-2022 school year here. More information will be provided as we arrive closer to that time.

  • Athletic Information:

If your child is interested in our sports and athletic program, please fill out the Oakland Technical High School Athletic Interest form. This form will be shared with the Athletic Directors (Mr. Hart and Ms. Gray-Lawson). One of them will share this information accordingly with the respective coach(es) of each sport.

Other Digital Stations that will be present:

  • The Techniclinic:

Generally we have a station for our Techniclinic staff at Registration to share information. This information remains available on our website. Beyond the website, they now have a digital form for families to complete. We need ALL families to please complete the “consent forms” for their child to use the Techniclinic in case of an emergency or they have a medical issue that they would need to be addressed. Having completed consent forms allows students to be seen for medical issues without delay. Completing this consent form does not take away from having an outside provider or your scholar being seen by said outside provider

  • Lockers:

Currently student enrollment exceeds the number of available lockers on campus. We encourage all scholars in need of a locker to sign up for a locker as soon as possible. Priority for lockers is for 9th graders over the lockers vacated by the seniors that graduated during the prior school year. Due to availability, signing up for a locker does not mean any guarantees that a locker will be available. If a locker is available, a scholar will be assigned a locker and it is the scholar’s responsibility to pick up their locker number and combination from the Treasurer’s office. Fill out the form to sign up for a school locker. If you signed up for a locker last year as a 9th grader, and did not receive one, please do not sign up again. We are assigning those lockers to students that did not pick them up and they are still available. Oakland Tech Locker Sign Up 2022-2023

Operation Information:

  • Oakland Tech Bell Schedule:

The 2022-2023 Bell Schedule that has been approved OUSD Central can be found here. Please note that we will post a color coded schedule on our website for easier viewing. Additionally this schedule is subject to change pending assemblies, rallies, dram performances, and other events during the school year.

  • Course Schedules:

Class schedules will be available in Aeries before school starts (generally the day before). We are targeting August 6th, 2022, for the date when we make these student schedules available. You will not come to school to pick up a copy. Your student should print out, write out, or take a picture of their entire schedule, focusing on the class name, teacher name, and classroom number. This should be done before they show up for their first day of school. We will have copies available of scholar schedules if needed for students who lose them. If your scholar has an issue with their classes they will need to reach out to their counselor by completing a digital course request form. They will follow up with you at a later time. Counselors are the only staff members with the access for course changes. Counselors will not be available before school to address any course changes.

2022-2023 Course Change Request Form (You must be logged in to your student's OUSD account to make requests)

  • Communications via Parent Square:

Oakland Tech uses Parent Square for mass communications to our students, families, and staff. Parent Square supports us with being transparent about things related to updates aligned with our school events, and our climate and culture. Signing up for Parent Square ensures that all scholars, families, and staff are able to be on top of vital information coming from the school.

The main contact does not need to opt into these new communications through Parent Square. All other contacts and family members will need to opt into these school communications. You can make this possible by making sure all of your contact information is updated in Aeries. You can view log in instructions, or If you have any questions about Parent Square, please contact your child’s pathway or grade level Assistant Principal (AP). Your child’s AP will connect you with the proper resources.

If you have not yet familiarized yourself with Parent Square, be sure to do so soon. Should any question arise, please feel free to contact us.

Please click below for several parent/student tutorials to familiarize yourself with Parent Square.

Drop Off Information:

There are several drop off locations where your child can enter Oakland Tech:

  • Along Broadway between 42nd street and 45th street.
  • Along 45th Street near the Manilla Avenue gate or near the gate between the Girl’s Gym and the Main Building.
  • Along 42nd Street near the Auditorium Gate or the 42nd street back gate

Public Transportation:

AC Transit offers a regular transportation schedule that serves our scholars in attending and leaving school in a timely manner. This is important for transportation planning. Additionally, AC transit provides buses that line up and wait for our scholars until 3:45 on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. However, our dismissal times for scholars on Wednesdays and Fridays is at 2:55 PM. AC Transit is only able to support on time transportation on Wednesdays. On Wednesday’s, AC Transit will have the 657 and the 696 buses at the school at 3:03, 3:07, and 3:12. As a result, during Friday’s minimum days, students will have to wait longer for bus transportation. On Friday, the buses will follow the regular schedule at 3:48, 3:57, and 4:17. We have a multitude of offerings that students can engage in while waiting for their bus to arrive. This includes activities in the afterschool program, first Friday events and school athletic events that are generally held on Fridays. Our after-school program includes tutoring sessions to support scholar’s scholastic achievement. In addition, we have after school programs like Real Hard that pays scholars for their attendance and participation. First Friday events include movies in the Auditorium and activities on the front lawn.

Please encourage your scholar to join an afterschool program or activity while they are waiting for their means of transportation. This will keep them safe and free of idle time to get in trouble with. If your scholar is not waiting for a means of transportation and not involved in an after-school program, please encourage them to come straight home as we want all scholars to arrive and depart from school safely.

Informal AC Transit Bus Poll (Does your child use one of these lines?)

The 2022-23 Proposed Bell Schedule for Oakland Tech | Oakland …

  • After School Program (ASP) Information:

Our afterschool program will be available Monday through Friday from the end of school until 6 PM. It will be led by Oakland Tech alum, Quincie Howard. The ASP will operate out of room 2 in the basement. Students should enter through the stairs / doorway across from the Auditorium main entry.

  • Covid-19 Protocols:

We will only offer a full in-person instructional program this year. If you desire a virtual option, please reach out to enroll@ousd.org as soon as possible to gauge space and available for a virtual program.

Currently, masks are highly recommended for all students and staff while indoors. Please note that mask guidelines may change at any point during the school year based on a decision of the Board of Education, in consultation from health orders by the county’s public health department.

To limit the transmission of COVID and the safety of all, we continue to encourage all staff, scholars, and family members to get vaccinated and boosted, in addition to wearing a mask. Vaccination locations can be found here.

COVID-19 vaccinations are not currently required for students to register for or attend school in person for the 22-23 school year.

Families can pre-register for COVID testing at a district testing hub here.

At-home test kits will also be available at all schools for distribution to staff and students during back-to-school events, and for use prior to everyone arriving for the first day of classes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at martel.price@ousd.org or our front office staff at marisol.boytes@ousd.org or janet.clachar@ousd.org should you have any questions.
We look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 8!

In community,

Martel Price
Oakland Technical High School