Ms. Ramos

Meet Ms. Ramos!

One of Montera’s 6th grade P.E. teachers and design teacher grades 7-8 Since 2020

Ms. RamosMs. Lea Ramos was born and raised in Chicago. She attended Wesleyan University, got her social work degree at New York University, and her education degree at City College of New York. Ms. Ramos came to Oakland because of the nice weather, nature, vibe, and to be close to family.

Ms. Ramos became a teacher because she thought it was the most exciting profession. She gets to be creative, while at the same time working with kids and being part of a community. She especially loves when kids have an “Aha!” moment and step into their powers. She got into Physical Education because she believes it affects every aspect of your life including mental and emotional health. Montera’s diversity led to her becoming part of the community herself. Ms. Ramos believes life is deeper and richer when we practice empathy towards others who are different from us. Her main goal for her students is for them to gain an appreciation for doing what they love, including being active.

Swimming, golfing, hiking, running, biking, and building miniature models are some of Ms. Ramos’ many hobbies. She currently lives in West Oakland. In the future, she would love to build a tiny house or convert a van to live out of for a while. The aspect of life she is most passionate about is focusing on and improving mental health.

Ms. Ramos’ Favorites:

  • Favorite color - Charcoal gray
  • Favorite movie and TV show - Coming to America (movie) and Killing Eve (show)
  • Favorite artist - Jhené Aiko and Nipsey Hussle
  • The book she would have on a desert island - The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
  • Favorite vacation spot - Philippines
  • Pronouns: she/her

Extra: Ms. Ramos loves end of the world and zombie apocalypse shows and movies and she thinks about what she would do if any of that ever happened.

By Mia Walsh and Lily Fox, 8th grade students in SYL (Strong Young Leaders)