Mx. J!

By Mia Walsh and Lily Fox, 8th grade students in SYL (Strong Young Leaders)

One of Montera’s 8th grade History teachers and the SYL
teacher, grades 7-8

Since 2019

Mx. J Mx. J was born in Tennessee and grew up in Iowa. They attended the University of Maryland for their undergraduate and got their graduate degree at Brandman University.
They moved to Oakland to be closer to family.

Mx. J became a teacher because they believe that education is an important path to social and economic justice, and young people inspire them. They teach history because it shapes all of our stories, and SYL is an opportunity for them to learn from students. They were drawn to Montera because of the staff, students, community, and it is an affirming, accepting place. Mx. J wants students to develop a love for learning, appreciate the power of education, and use their knowledge to change the world.

Some of Mx. J’s hobbies include writing, drawing, and visiting family. The aspect of life they are most passionate about is social and economic justice. They live in San Antonio and would like to travel a lot in the future. They also hope to finish writing their book.

Mx. J’s Favorites

  • Favorite color - Pink
  • Favorite movie or TV show - Wanda Vision
  • Favorite artist - Stevie Wonder, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, and Adele
  • The book they would have on a desert island: Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin
  • Favorite vacation spot - anywhere in the woods (camping)
  • Pronouns: they/them