Ms. Williams

By Mia Walsh and Lily Fox, 8th-grade students and a part of SYL (Strong Young Leaders)

One of Montera’s 8th grade English teachers and the Black Girl Brilliance teacher, grades 6-8 

Teaching at Montera since 2016

Ms. Williams Ms. Jennifer Williams was born in Kansas City, KS. She grew up moving around since her father was in the military. She lived in Europe and the East Coast before moving to California. When she moved to the Bay Area she completely fell in love with the culture and diversity here. She got her degree at San Francisco State University. 

Ms. Williams became a teacher because she wants to make a difference, inspire and be inspired, and influence the next generation. She chose to teach English because she has always loved reading and writing. Reading allows an escape from reality. It allows the reader to live in the shoes of different characters and see the world from a different lens. She wants students to not only know how to dig deeper to find the meaning behind the words and enjoy reading but to also enjoy writing as well. After working in elementary schools, in Special Education for 5 years, she transferred to Montera Middle School and continued working in Special Education for another 2 years. She then decided to switch to English. She loves teaching middle schoolers and it is the right fit for her. She also loves how diverse the staff and community are here at Montera. Ms. Williams’ goal for her students is to help them find their voice, their creativity, to see the world in a more inclusive way, and to learn how to think critically. 
Some of Ms. Williams’ hobbies include fashion, painting, drawing, dancing, reading, writing, and eating good food. She lives in Richmond with her son and some things she is passionate about include meeting new people, being inspired by others, growing as a person, empathy, love, and kindness. Something she wants to do in the future is to write a book or a script for a TV show or movie. 

Ms. Williams’ Favorites 

  • Favorite color - Black and Purple
  • Favorite TV Shows and Movies - Queen Sugar, Westworld (TV shows) Moonlight by Barry Jenkins, The Departed by Martin Scorsese (Movies)
  • Favorite Artists - Stevie Wonder, Prince, Erykah Badu, and Sade.
  • The book she would have on a stranded desert island - any book by Toni Morrison or Zadie Smith.
  • Favorite Vacation Spot - Brazil 
Extra: Ms. Williams is bilingual and ambidextrous.