Mr. Behar

By Mia Walsh and Lily Fox, 8th grade students and a part of SYL (Strong Young Leaders)

One of Montera’s English Teachers, grades 6 and 8

Teaching at Montera since 2019

Mr. Behar Mr. Elijah Behar was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Ojai, California. He attended Los Angeles City College, transferred to San Francisco State, and went to UC Berkeley for his teaching credentials. He lived in San Francisco after college but later moved to Oakland, which was closer to his family in Berkeley.

Mr. Behar became a teacher because he enjoys being around young people and loves watching them understand what they’re learning. He originally got his credential for all subjects, but switched to teaching only English because it's easier to focus on one subject. He chose to teach English because he loves writing and wants others to be able to express themselves through what they write. After meeting Mr. Avent and learning about a teaching opening, he visited Montera’s campus and was immediately drawn to it. His goals for students are to create a fun space where middle schoolers can have fun and to help them be able to understand writing well.

In Mr. Behar's free time, he makes music. He lives in Oakland with his cat, and is passionate about being able to express himself to everything life brings him, whether it’s through speaking, emotions, music, or writing. He hopes to travel somewhere tropical soon.

Mr. Behar’s Favorites

  • Favorite color - Olive
  • Favorite TV Show - Futurama
  • Favorite Band - Radiohead
  • Book he would have on a stranded desert island - How to escape a stranded desert island
  • Favorite Vacation Spot - Mendocino