Mr. Ford

Meet Mr. Ford

One of Montera’s Physical Education Teachers, grades 6-8 since 2014

By Mia Walsh, Minako Sakamoto, and Lily Fox 7th grade students and a part of SYL (Strong Young Leaders)

Mr. Barry Ford was born on the Oakland Army Base, and grew up in Alameda. He went to Woodstock Elementary, Chipman Middle School, and Encinal High School.

He attended Willamette University and got his Bachelors at CSU Hayward. The reason Mr. Ford became a P.E coach was because he had role models who pushed him into becoming a P.E coach.

He was drawn to Montera because of an advertisement on Ed Join. He wants to graduate quality students and wants students to leave Montera ready to serve with a sense of civic responsibility.

Some of Mr. Ford’s hobbies are tailgating at Raiders and A’s games. He also likes to lift weights. One of his future goals is to see his son walk the stage when he graduates from college.

Mr. Fords’ Favorites

Colors: Silver, Black, Green, Gold, Blue, Orange, Black
Movie/ Video Game/ Show: John Madden Football (Game), Boyz n the Hood (Movie), Appalachian Outlaws (Show)
Singer: Michael Jackson
Book he would have on a desert island: Lord of the Flies
Vacation Spot: Baseball game in the Dominican Republic