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Transportation Quarantine Reminders

If you are reporting a Positive/Close Contact Exposure Case please contact your child’s School Immediately. 

  1. Sites will report all Confirmed Cases to Health Services/OUSD Contact Tracing Team.
  2. OUSD Transportation Department  receives notifications from OUSD Contact Tracing Team of all students placed on quarantine due to positive results or precaution due to exposure. We review every case and verify if the student receives transportation services. 


Students in Quarantine by OUSD Contact Tracing Team:

    • Confirmed Students with Transportation Services will be Automatically placed on Pause of Services 
    • Transportation Services will RESUME after the 10th day listed by OUSD Contact Tracing Team
  • As a REMINDER: Services will NOT BE RE- Established before the 10th Day or as listed  - NO Exceptions. 


Students with Absences due to Illness:

  • Families MUST Cancel Rides due to Illness via Zum Transportation Mobile App. Click Here for App Guide you can also call Zum Transportation: 1-855-743-3986 to report Absences if you are unable to Cancel via Zum Application. You can also call our office at 510-879-5005
  • In addition to reporting Absence via Zum App - Absences must be reported to your child’s school. Each site has protocols for return requirements. Please contact the school for details. 
  • Students with Absences not reported, Not using Active Transportation: Rides will Automatically be dropped from services after 5 consecutive unreported absences. To re-establish services you must reapply for transportation services: Click Here ( 2021-2022 Transportation Request)