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06.17.17 AC Transit Announces Changes Made to Bus Service that Will Affect OUSD Students


The start of a new school year is a time of change and adaptation for students and families alike.  This year, some students attending Skyline High, Montera Middle and Community Day Schools will see changes to AC Transit bus lines that will impact travel to and from school. Here you can find these important changes.

For several months, AC Transit and OUSD have worked to find more than $1 million in cost savings that will preserve most home-to-school bus service to schools in the Oakland hills for the 2017-18 school year. (Home-to-school bus service is called “supplementary” because it is over and above basic bus service.)  Cost-cutting measures were triggered when – in the middle of last school year – OUSD announced that after 20 years it would no longer use its state funds to reimburse AC Transit for the high cost of bussing its students to Skyline High, Montera Middle and Community Day Schools.

Adjustments to supplementary service are necessary to preserve the school bus lines relied upon by the greatest number of students.  In some instances, a school bus line may have a minor schedule change to match a new school bell schedule.  In other instances, a single trip or an entire line may have been eliminated.  Click here to access the supplementary service timetables for the coming school year.

Please know that AC Transit has provided the coming school year’s supplementary bus schedules as far in advance as possible so families and students can begin to plan accordingly.  We encourage you to share this important information with your constituents via social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), email, and the other methods you use to reach your constituents.