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Luna Dance at Emerson

This year we are proud to welcome several arts initiatives to Emerson. First up, Luna Dance Institute [] will begin a three year partnership with Emerson to help create a sustainable dance program for all students at Emerson. The goal of this partnership is to create opportunities for students to express themselves using movement. Students will be introduced to the elements of dance: body, space, time, and energy. They will start by exploring their awareness of self space and general space through axial (in place) and locomotor (traveling) movements: opening and closing, twisting and untwisting, bouncing, stretching, skipping, leaping, rolling, balancing, and movement in all directions, as they create shapes with their bodies.

Dance programming will be offered year long for three years to provide students with opportunities to create, express, and reflect on their own, as well as, peer created choreographies at different stages of the curriculum. In addition to direct dance instruction, students will have opportunities to participate in dance related field trips, showcases and community events, that celebrates their learning and self-expression.