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Dr. LuPaulette Taylor: 42 Years and Counting as Part of the Mack Family


Dr. LuPaulette Taylor LuPaulette Young Taylor, Ed.D. is passionate about teaching as evidenced by the 46 years she has spent working in West Oakland schools, including her alma maters: Lowell Jr. High (now West Oakland Middle School) and McClymonds.

She’s taught at McClymonds for the last 42 years. As such, she has more institutional knowledge than anyone else and is a cherished member of the Mack family and community. Over the years, Dr. Taylor has taught an array of subjects ranging from English to history, entrepreneurship to journalism, and AVID to physical education. She’s also had coaching duties for the volleyball, softball, basketball, and badminton teams, as well as the cheerleading squad.

Dr. Taylor has served as an administrator on several occasions, but has returned time and again to her first love: the classroom. One of her guiding tenets resonates with students year after year: “Use what you know to learn what you don’t know!”