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Cleveland Runs on Volunteer Power!

Volunteers at the marquee
Sonia and Grace updating the Cleveland marquee, August 2020.

Volunteering at Cleveland

Cleveland Helps!

Have you ever wondered who updates the big marquee in front of the school? It's Sonia and her 4th-grade Cub, Grace! Before Sonia took over, the marquee was maintained by Dang, parent to Liam and Evan.  

Every year dozens of Cleveland volunteers contribute their time and talents. Generous help from parents, guardians, grandparents, and neighbors is what keeps Cleveland going. Volunteers raise money for our our amazing enrichment programs. They offer free art classes, cook spaghetti, write the school newsletter and, yes, they even update the marquee.

Cleveland needs lots of volunteer help this fall! Our most urgent volunteer needs are described below. And we can always use more help on our standing committees, including PTA, Ecoliteracy, Arts, Equity, and School Site Council (SSC).

Fundraising -- Donation Drive:
Enrichment Programming needs you!  We need a team of 2-3 volunteers to hold our annual donation drive.  This fundraiser provides a critical step in ensuring Art, Music, and Ecoliteracy in coming years.  The fundraiser will be a more limited push compared to past years, and the time commitment is roughly 5-10 hours a week for about four weeks. 

Fundraising Chart
Volunteer Sarah and her Cubs celebrate a successful fundraising campaign.