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Oakland teen surprised with new car as he heads off to college


For most of us, the sight of a car on a tow truck is the last thing you want to see. But on this day, the car wasn't being towed away but delivered. 

"My heart's dropped. This is a beautiful gift," said Castlemont High School senior Denzel Mabry.

When Mabry was in sixth grade he asked to join the OK program.  That same year he was matched with now-retired Oakland police officer Richard Williams.

"I'm just holding back right now. This is lovely to see that he still has the support of his grandparents and his family out here and the support of the officers and the department," said Williams.

Mabry's family is thankful for the program.  Which also focuses on impacting lives, influencing change and investing in futures. All students involved must maintain a two-point five-grade point average and be well-rounded students. In return, they're rewarded for doing well academically and being well-rounded students. 

"Far too many times we see young men like him who are doing exceptionally good and not rewarded. It's extremely good to see him get rewarded for his success," said Williams.

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