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Cast of Prospect High: Brooklyn Performs at Logan High School

Prospect High: Brooklyn Facing History and Ourselves, a non-profit organization working to foster empathy and reflection, improve students’ academic performance, reinvigorate teachers, and build safe and inclusive schools, invited the cast of Prospect High: Brooklyn to perform at and co-facilitate one of their Innovative Schools Student Learning Group workshops on Thursday.


Prospect High: Brooklyn cast members performed several scenes from their upcoming play, which opens at Skyline on Wednesday night, and then lead student discussions about themes that are grappled with in the play. 


"The Skyline performance of "Prospect High" was moving and meaningful performance for our students.  It examined themes of inclusion, compassion, justice and community through issues that were relevant to our students. The interactive post-conversation with the actors allowed for powerful discussion where students grappled with the challenges to creating safe, inclusive school communities. I highly recommend this performance for high school students and teachers interested in having hard and real conversations about what it means to be human," said Eran DeSilva,

Cast members lead circles. Innovative Schools Student Learning Group (SLG), committee member and Director of Faculty Professional Development and Social Studies Teacher at Notre Dame High School. 


The SLG is a community of diverse young leaders with shared passion for a better future. In service of this vision, we nurture a safe environment to grapple with social injustices and their historical origins in order to empower ourselves and other students to create change within our group, our schools and larger communities. We work in solidarity to achieve a more just and inclusive world in which everyone's voices are heard and lives are valued.


"SLG creates a safe and honest space for voice, community and solidarity among young people across the bay, said Marni Spitz, SLG committee member. Skyline's performance was critical in helping students understand that although we are attending from different schools and different backgrounds, there is so much we have in common. Following the performance, one of my students said to me "This made me feel like we're all the same and dealing with the same issues." That level of solidarity is essential in creating positive change and progress."