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Students Must Be In Class and On-Time Every Day

The Skyline administration and the entire adult community are constantly working to keep your students' education and safety at the forefront of everything we do on campus. With this in mind, we reflected on the first semester of this school year and identified tardies and/or students not making it to class as our most problematic issue on campus. Students wandering around campus during class time and being in unsupervised areas is a safety issue that we must address. Starting Monday, February 13, we will begin by tightening the structures and systems we already have in place to manage these concerns.  


Teachers have spent this last week reminding students about the expectations of arriving on-time to every class every day, and being in every class every day that they are on campus. Teachers have also spent the week reminding students of the protocols and consequences for not meeting these expectations. In addition to keeping our students informed, we want to share with you the tools, protocols and systems we will be using to address unmet expectations. We ask you to please take a few minutes to review the Student Conduct and Expectation pages on the school website so that you have a complete understanding of what students and parents will be asked to do if students are chronically tardy or truant.


We believe that by holding students accountable, by tightening the structures and systems we already have in place for students, as well as keeping our parents and caregivers informed, we can have an impact on these issues and do our job of educating all our students. Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns. 


Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


Go Titans!


Nancy Bloom

Vinnie Blye