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Spring Sports Showcase

The spring sports season is in full swing, and the Oakland Athletic League has reason to be excited! The spring is the busiest of all three sports seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring). During the spring, OAL student athletes have the opportunity to compete in Boys Volleyball, Track & Field, Boys Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Swimming, Boys Golf and Girls Badminton.


One of the many highlights of the spring sports season was our slate of sport jamborees to kick off the spring season. The OAL hosted a swimming jamboree at Castlemont, volleyball jamboree at Oakland High and a badminton jamboree at Skyline. The jamboree provides a forum for our student athletes to develop camaraderie with their OAL counterparts while also refining their skills before the start of the season.


Not to be understated amongst the various changes to the OAL, is the change in our baseball format. As we attempt to make baseball an exciting and memorable experience for our student athletes, we have chosen to feature a game of the week every Friday evening at Laney College. Each baseball team in the OAL will have the opportunity to play in the OAL game of the week two times over the course of the baseball season.


Our girls softball season has featured very competitive games thus far, and we are excited to see which team represents the OAL in the Transbay Championships against the San Francisco Section Championship.


Track & Field athletes participated in their first track meet of the season at the Oakland Invitational Relays. This year our track & field meets will have a different format than previous years. The most noticeable change will be the inclusion of middle school track & field athletes at the OAL track meets. The middle school athletes will compete in several events and we look forward to seeing which middle school athletes will be crowned the middle school track & field champions.

Aside from winning games, championships and earning athletic accolades, one of our many goals as an athletic department is to develop life skills in our student athletes such as a preparation, persistence and resiliency.  Not only do we want our OUSD student athletes to exhibit these traits on the playing field but we also want to see them manifest in their lives outside of athletics. We believe that if we can enhance the aforementioned traits we will truly make a positive impact in the lives of our student athletes!