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OUSD Celebrates Collaboration with Intel on Computer Science Education and Career Pipeline

OUSD Celebrates Collaboration with Intel on Computer Science Education & Career Pipeline 

Intel and OUSD enters into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) investing $5 million to provide students with equitable access to technology, computer science and engineering careers
"Computing can transform lives." That was the statement UC Berkeley Computer Science Professor Dan Garcia delivered at McClymonds High on Tuesday morning and the prevailing message as Oakland celebrated a landmark partnership between Silicon Valley giant Intel and the Oakland Unified School District.

Under the five-year, $5 million pilot program, Intel will help develop curriculum, train teachers, provide computers, and offer Internet access to 2,400 students at McClymonds High and Oakland Technical High School, with the ultimate goal of sending 600 graduates from those schools onto college programs and careers in computer science.
"I'm really, really excited because I've been actually asking our teacher, Ms. Hall, about some project ideas and we can't do them because of funding reasons. So I'm really excited, because I can see me working on these projects I've always wanted to work on this year," said McClymonds Junior Justin Andrews.
If the heavy hitters assembled Tuesday at McClymonds have their way, Justin and his classmates will soon have their pick of stimulating projects and a clear pathway to jobs at Intel and other major technology firms. Tech world luminaries discussed how computer science opened doors, expanded horizons, and presented unthinkable opportunities in their lives. They also expressed a deep desire to "pass it on" and to offer the same chance to populations that have not always profited from the technology boom.

That sentiment was echoed by McClymonds Principal, Tinisha Hamberlin, who added that, "This partnership with Intel really makes that work that much easier, not only having the financial resources, but having access to industry partners and expertise on how to really make this [computer science] academy one of of choice."
McClymonds Computer Science teacher Kathryn Hall welcomed this partnership and the idea that it will spur further investment in programs aimed at increasing participation of women, minorities, and candidates from low-income backgrounds in high-growth technology fields.

As Hall noted, "It's not just the dedicated individuals who have decided that teaching is their calling and it's not just the principals and the District, it's everybody coming in and making sure that every single student has the opportunity."
Program speakers included Oakland Board of Education District 3 Director Jumoke Hinton Hodge; McClymonds High Principal Tinisha Hamberlin; Oakland Board of Education President James Harris; Oakland District 3 Councilmember & City Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney; Exec. Dir., East Oakland Youth Development Council (for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition) Regina Jackson; Co-Founder Code.Org Ali Partovi; Cal Professor & Program Lead, National Science Foundation AP Comp. Sci. Principles Exam, Dan Garcia; OUSD Superintendent Antwan Wilson; Intel Strategic Outreach Initiatives Manager Leroy J. Triplette; OUSD Director of Communications Troy Flint; McClymonds High Computer Science Teacher Kathryn Hall; McClymonds High Senior Mahlik Smith.

Oakland Board of Education District 1 Director Jody London and District 5 Director Roseann Torres were also in attendance.
The pilot program, which stands to become a national model for technology firms looking to support computer science and engineering education and encourage a more diversified workforce, doesn’t end when the students leave high school. The Intel Stay With It initiative also focuses on helping students attend and graduate from four-year colleges and universities, with the goal of filling gaps in Intel’s talent pipeline.

This Intel and OUSD MOU was announced at the recent Rainbow PUSH Tech 2020 event in San Francisco. The innovative initiative evolved as a result of extensive collaboration between Intel staff and the Oakland Education Fund.