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    Welcome to the One Land One People (OLOP) Youth Center at Skyline High School.

    The OLOP Youth Center exists to create a caring community in which all students have equal opportunities to develop their personal visions. All students at Skyline High School will have a success story and a personal vision for themselves and the world. The success of one student will mean the success of all students. Through community collaboration and in partnership between youth and adult allies, the OLOP Youth Center provides services and engages in advocacy efforts so that students may improve their physical and mental health, as well as strengthen their academic, social and leadership skills. The Skyline High School OLOP Youth Center is committed to and promotes an environment that fosters peace, unity, and justice and strengthens student voices. Students will empower each other to improve Skyline High School.
    PLEASE NOTE: Students can not visit the Youth Center during class time without a pass.
    Our after school programs include:
    • Club Advising
    • Athletic Study Hall
    • College Application Assistance
    • Driver's ed
    • Bike Club
    • Dual Enrollment; Ethnic Studies
    • F.R.E.S.H.
    • Latina's Girls Group
    • OLOP Internship
    • Open Library
    • Poly Club
    • Parent Acadamy
    • SAT Prep
    • Workshop Wednesday
    • Youth Together
    • Reel Oakland
    Also read about what we accomplished last year.

Youth Center Contact & Staff

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    Hours & Contact Information

    Monday-Friday | 8:00AM - 6:00PM
    phone number  (510) 531-4387
    Location: Portable O
    (Large portable in upper parking lot)

    Drop In Tutoring

    Tutoring Available


    Tony Douangviseth photo
    Tony Douangviseth tony.douangviseth@ousd.org
    Executive Director
    Danielle Armstrong photo
    Danielle Armstrong darmstrong@youthtogether.net
    Director of Programs
    Guadlaupe Gomez photo
    Guadlaupe Gomez guadalupeolop@gmail.com
    Family Liason
    Michelle Cabal photo
    Meesh Cabal mcabal@youthtogether.net
    Youth Together Site Organizer
     Kelsey Tern
    Kelcey Tern kelcey.tern@ousd.org
    F.R.E.S.H. & Internship Coordinator