• How to get a Transcript at Skyline
    Ms. Adams and Ms. Douglas (if Ms. Adams is not there) are responsible for providing both official and unofficial transcripts to students.
      - Official transcripts are often requested by colleges and needed for scholarship applications. Official transcripts contain student grades, SAT and ACT test scores, grade point averages, and AP and Honors classes completed.  The Skyline office issues official transcripts sealed and should remain sealed when submitted for any college admissions process.
      - Unofficial transcripts are not sealed.
    To obtain a transcript, complete the attached form and return to Ms. Adams or Ms. Douglas in the Counseling Office in the Administration building at Skyline.  Request for Transcript   
    Skyline does not have records for students before 1992.  If you need a copy of records before that date, please contact the OUSD microfilm department at 510 434-7786.
    Additionally, if your SAT, ACT, or AP scores are missing from your Transcript, or incorrect, bring proof to Ms. Adams and your scores can be added or corrected.
Last Modified on October 5, 2016