Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a collaborative effort by administrators, staff and service providers to serve Skyline students holistically. SSS provides multilingual services to students/parents/community members in six areas: academics, college & career, family resource center, mental and physical health, attendance, and the youth center. Fill out a Request for Assistance form (online or from Ms. Douglas) and email it or turn it in to Ms. Douglas. You will hear back from Ms. Douglas within the week.

Academic: Headed by academic counselors, academic support looks to provide all students with guidance and help with their classwork, homework, or general school performance.
College & Career: By enlisted a large number of community organizations,Skyline's college and career center aims to ready all students for their post-high school years, whether in the workplace or at the university.
Mental & Physical Health: A cadre of therapists, nurses, and psychologists have teamed up to ensure the well-being of all students on Skyline's campus.
(Lead: Eric Yuan)
Youth Center: A central place for community/school collaboration, the Youth Center primarily offers after-school programs such as dance and exercise classes, multicultural awareness, peer-to-peer work, assemblies and family support.
(Lead: Tony Douangviseth)
Family Resource Center: Led by multilingual staff, the Family Resource Center offers translation services in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese and offers invaluable resources for family advocacy.
(Lead: Cristina Medina)
Attendance: Two staff are focused exclusively on addressing issues related to truancy, attendance, and discipline.
(Leads: Richard Miller-9th/11th, Christian Davis-10th/12th)

Student Support Services