Faculty/Staff Appreciation Breakfast


Support our Teachers!
April Titan Teacher/Staff Appreciation Breakfast & Classroom Supply Drop-Off
Friday, April 21st  ~ 7:15 am 
Music Building - rm M1
I wish you all could be in the room when the teachers peek in and see the feast prepared for them.  There is sincere gratitude and then when they get a ream of paper or a box of tissue or a roll of paper towels ....they are so happy.
Imagine everyday with our kids and the hard work it takes to dish up inspiration... the least we can do is to dish up breakfast.  Bring something yummy!
Requested goodies
Egg dishes (quiches, frittatas, casseroles, hard-boiled), breakfast meats (sausages, bacon), fruits, breakfast breads, pastries, juices, yogurt. 
Bring food and juice to the Music Building M1 by 7:00 am   
Can't contribute food or beverage?  Come and help - set-up, serve, clean-up. 
Classroom Supplies
Lined Paper, Graph Paper, Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Binders, Composition Books, Folders, Glue Stix
Facial tissue, Paper Towels, Hand Sanitizer
Energy Bars, Chocolate Bars, Dried Fruit, Juice Boxes 

We have a great online way for you to see what is needed and for me to track what to buy to supplement. Signup!


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Unable to get your goodies and supplies to school by 7:00 am? - Thursday night, drop off your items to Allison Rodman's house 5733 Fleming Ave - 510-593-6978   allisonrodman@gmail.com


Allison Rodman
Email: allisonrodman@gmail.com


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