• The PTO Board is looking for people to shadow positions for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Have you been looking for a way to get more involved with Montera?  We’re looking for people for a variety of positions on the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Board, and we’d love to have you join us! The Board guides fundraising efforts, allocates funds, plans and hosts outreach events, connects the school and parents, and generally supports the school. It’s a great way to meet other parents and have a positive impact on our kids and our community. In addition to the duties outlined below, board members attend monthly meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings throughout the school year.  If you’re interested in finding out more about a position, please contact president@monterapto.com. Thank you!


    PTO Board Positions for the 2022-2023 School Year

    Any of these jobs can be split between two people — grab a friend and come make a difference!


    President: FILLED! Helps set the goals and direction for the organization. Works with the principal and administrative staff to schedule board meetings, general meetings, fundraisers and other events. Creates agendas and chairs board meetings and general meetings. Oversees and coordinates the board’s work and delegates tasks. Helps set and administer the budget, including serving as a member of the mini-grant committee.


    First VP: FILLED! Acts as the board’s liaison to the School Site Council (SSC) and Montera staff. Meets regularly with principal. Attends SSC meetings and monthly staff meetings. Serves on the mini-grant committee.


    Communications Coordinator: FILLED! Manages communication between PTO and school families through various channels, including school website, PTO Facebook page, Jupiter Grades, email, quarterly newsletter in report cards, eBulletin and other methods. Oversees the team which publishes the weekly eBulletin. Produces PTO graphics and materials (or identifies volunteer designers and outsources these tasks).


    Health & Safety Coordinator: FILLED! Oversees safety and emergency preparedness planning and implementation. Checks that the school's first aid and earthquake supplies are up to date (the Dads Club can help with tasks like re-filling water barrels); works with administration to plan any necessary evacuation drills, first aid training or other preparations.


    Financial Secretary: Filled! Receives and logs all money the PTO receives and deposits it in the bank. Reports deposits to Treasurer. Reports on financial status at board meetings.


    Fundraising Coordinator: Filled!  Coordinates and oversees all fundraising efforts for PTO. Ensures high priority fundraising occurs in fall (Annual Giving Drive) and winter or spring (Auction). Identifies opportunities, solicits donations, coordinates volunteers and promotes events and fundraisers. Works closely with Auction, Programs and Corporate Partnerships coordinators to make sure fundraising efforts are on track.


    Outreach Co-coordinator: Filled! This is a great opportunity to team up with our incumbent Outreach Coordinator during her last year at Montera to learn the ropes! During the 2019-2020 school year, she'll teach you everything you need to know to help coordinate things like the New Family Pizza Social in the fall, school tours in the winter, Welcome Day in the Spring and other events to help incoming families find out more about Montera and get excited about coming here. If you love telling everyone what's great about Montera, this is the role for you!


    Parliamentarian: OPEN Reviews bylaws and standing rules and provides recommendations for revisions. Interprets bylaws, standing rules, Roberts Rules of Order, and other applicable laws, policies and regulations governing the operation of the PTO. 


    Recording Secretary: Filled! Attends PTO and General PTO board meetings. Takes meeting minutes summarizing discussions and documenting decisions. Distributes meeting minutes to board members and posts to the PTO section of the Montera website. (2-4 hours/month)


    Sports Coordinator: Filled!  Recruits and manages coaches for school sports teams. Manages communication between school, teams/coaches and Oakland Athletic League (OAL).


    Treasurer: Filled! Maintains PTO accounting using QuickBooks. Manages the PTO bank accounts. Chairs the budget committee and ensures that a proposed budget is established and submitted for approval at the final general membership meeting of the year.


    Dad's Club Coordinator Filled!

  • Don't have time to be on the board?

    How about one of these volunteer positions that don't involve going to board meetings but still fulfill important needs for Montera?


    8th Grade Activities Coordinator: OPEN Plans, budgets, schedules and fundraises for 8th-grade picnic, dinner dance, and promotion.  Enlists and coordinates volunteers to implement these events. Contact president@monterapto.com


    Co-Auditor: Filled. Ensures that the organization’s financial records are in proper order and oversees annual audits of those records. Documents audit findings and makes appropriate recommendations.


    Grant Writing: OPEN Help our school maintain high educational standards and offerings through OUSD budget woes by gathering information and writing proposals. Contact darren.avent@ousd.org


    Fundraising Programs Coordinator:  Filled! Leads small fundraising events like dine-ins and raffles and manages reward programs (Amazon Smiles, Box Tops, etc.) Makes sure we're collecting and maximizing funds from existing programs. Reports to VP Fundraising. This is a great work-from-home job! Contact president@monterapto.com


    E-Bulletin Publishers: Filled! Gathers submissions and publishes the school’s weekly email newsletter. Usually rotated between three people to lighten the workload. Another job you can do without leaving your home! Contact ebulletin@monterapto.com


    Toro Gear Sales Team:  FILLED! Sell school logo merchandise at lunch – help support the school, and get a sneak peek at the kids during the school day! Contact gear@monterapto.com


    Wishlist Coordinator: OPEN Collect teacher and staff wishlists, keep wishlist information on the school website up to date and promote wishlist needs to our community. Contact president@monterapto.com


    Historian: OPEN Help us organize and preserve items from Montera’s history. Contact president@monterapto.com


    Alumni Coordinator: Filled! Help build an alumni association and tap into our alumni community. Contact president@monterapto.com


    Yearbook Coordinator OPEN Attends Club day at Montera in the fall, where students can sign up to be a part of Yearbook Club. Gets permission from the administration to have a club and asks the computer teacher for permission to use their classroom. Yearbook club meets once or twice a week at lunchtime in the computer room. The yearbook coordinator works with student editors to teach them how to use Treering, a yearbook software website. The yearbook coordinator solicits photos from parents, teachers, and staff. Also, for afterschool photo day (usually Lifetouch), the coordinator acquires CD with composite photos for all grades and staff from the administration. Photos can be uploaded to Treering by each person or emailed directly to the coordinator. Sometimes student editors will also take photos on campus. Students then are assigned pages to create. Editing involves creating theme-based pages with photos and captions. Coordinator and editors advertise yearbook and instructions for purchasing via social media, eBulletin, and signs posted around campus. The coordinator works with Treering staff all along the way to meet deadlines, decide pricing/fundraising amounts, and for assistance with anything related to the yearbook. The coordinator finalizes orders and distributes yearbooks when they arrive. (Last year, and likely this year, we had yearbooks mailed directly to students’ homes). Contact president@monterapto.com



    For even more volunteer opportunities, check out the Volunteer page.


Last Modified on May 29, 2022