Local Control and Accountability Plan

  • Message from the LCAP Parent and Student Advisory Committee about the January 2022 Budget Engagement Process


    Dear Members of School Site Councils and School Communities:


    During a time of significant personal challenges and transition, with many longtime members terming out and new members joining; we, the parents and students of the LCAP Parent and Student Advisory Committee (PSAC), have nonetheless dedicated ourselves to supporting community engagement in this year's budget process.


    In our dual role as district-level PSAC leaders and members of School Site Councils (SSCs), we understand the centrally important role of SSCs, especially at this moment. To truly represent the needs of all schools within the current budget discussions, we must rely on the feedback that SSCs can gather and provide.


    The fast budget development timeline has made this essential back and forth between PSAC and SSCs extremely difficult. Full information about the proposed school site and central budget reductions and adjustments for 2022-23 will only become available between January 6 and 9. An overview of proposed reductions will be shared during the Board Meeting on January 12th with a final adoption by the Board on January 26th. Still, as PSAC members, we want to ensure that all OUSD stakeholders, especially families, have the opportunity to learn in detail about what is being proposed and to speak out about it.


    We are requesting that:


    • All School Site Councils hold a meeting between the dates of January 11 and January 19 to discuss and respond to the budget proposal for 2022-23.


    [Slides describing the proposed budget reductions and adjustments will be provided directly to principals, SSC members, and the wider OUSD community by Monday, January 10 for use at SSC meetings, along with instructions for providing feedback.]

    Presentations now available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic . See the folder below entitled "Proposed 2022-23 Budget Adjustments--Materials for SSC Meetings"


    • All School Site Councils send a representative, preferably a parent or guardian member, to our special January 20 PSAC meeting*. Representatives will share feedback from their SSC meetings directly with their electoral district PSAC representatives. [Zoom link will be posted on ousd.org/calendar, and sent via Parent Square]


    Our intent is to gather and lift the voices of school communities based on the leadership of SSC members across OUSD. We will share a written report of this feedback with School Board members, district administrators, and the OUSD community before the January 26 School Board meeting, and will also share it live at the meeting itself.


    We thank you for your help in upholding the centrality of family and community engagement in these crucial budget decisions. 


    *Please note: Because full information about budget reductions could not be made available by the week of January 3, we had to cancel our planned January 8 gathering for SSCs and our January 13 Special Meeting with the School Board. 


    We are not willing to offer feedback that does not reflect the discussion and comments of SSC members about all proposed reductions.



    For questions about the LCAP documents, write to Diana Sherman, LCAP Coordinator, at diana.sherman@ousd.org

    For questions about meetings, interpretation requests, and other participation support, write to Cintya Molina, LCAP Engagement Program Manager, at cintya.molina@ousd.org


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