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    Sports Program & Physical Form

    The After School Program is now open for enrollment.


    Contact Kenya Latimore for all questions at kenya.latimore@ousd.org or 510-560-3430.


    After School Program Registration Form

    • Fill out a separate application form for each student you are enrolling.
    • The After School Program offers a sliding scale monthly fee based on your gross household income.
    • There will be a separate form to fill out for classes and sports (free and fee-based), coming in late August.
    • If you are enrolled in ASP, you will have access to the free classes (for example: hiking club, study hall, lacrosse (club sport), cooking, podcasting, coding, and healthy kids lifestyle).
    • If you are enrolled in ASP, the fee for a competitive sports team will be waived.
    • ASP is limited to 160 students.
    • ASP begins the first day of school.
    • We will credit/rollover payment for the next month if your student is absent due to COVID.

  • Program Overview


    The Montera Afterschool Program runs until 6 PM every day. We offer a range of activities, including academic support, enrichment classes, board games, quiet time, free play, and sports team practice. With a ratio of 20:1, our experienced and caring teachers provide a safe, fun, and supportive environment for students to build community with their peers.




    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

    3:30-3:45 PM Students sign in and get a snack (MUR)

    3:45-5:30 PM Students go to study hall, class, or sport

    5:30-6:00 PM Students gather in Room 400 until they are picked up

    6:00 PM Afterschool ends 


    Wednesday (Minimum Day)

    2:07-2:22 PM Students sign in and get a snack (MUR)

    2:22-3:45 PM Students go to study hall, class, or sport

    3:45-6:00 PM Outside or inside activities, such as pick-up basketball, reading, board games, etc.

    6:00 PM Afterschool ends


    Fees for late pick-ups are assessed in $5 increments until the student is picked up (6:01-6:05 PM = $5; 6:06-6:10 PM = $10, etc.). Late payments are due to the staff member in cash by the end of the week.

  • Cost & Scholarships


    The monthly cost of the After School Program is a sliding scale based on the number of people in your household, family income, and the number of days the student is in the program. Please see the chart below. No matter your status, a one-time yearly $30 registration fee is required.


    Please note that no eligible student will be denied enrollment due to a family's inability to pay program fees. This program cannot charge a fee if the child is a homeless youth as defined by the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. Sec.1143a), newcomer (refugee, asylee, and unaccompanied minor), or if the child is in foster care.


    Scholarships are available for the ASP monthly fees and the fee-bases classes, and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis by sending a request to afterschool@monterapto.com.

  • Defining Tiers: Number in Household & Income Table

Household Tier Income for ASP
  • ASP Fee Structure

  • Enrichment Classes (Free and Fee-Based)

    Enrichment Classes occur after school on various days.   


    Free Classes

    Free classes are open only to students enrolled in ASP. We have offered the below classes in the past and hope to offer them again in Fall 2021! A specific schedule is coming soon which will be posted here, posted at school for the students to see, and emailed to families. Classes are first-come first-serve, with a class size limit of 20 students for most classes.

    1. Study Hall (OUSD ASP staff): During study hall, students work independently or receive academic help from a teacher or adult on their class assignments/homework. This class is offered every day.
    2. ANOVA Coding (UC Berkeley): Berkeley ANOVA is a student organization that seeks to empower students by providing computer science education and mentorship. This computer science class will teach students the basics of coding programs like apps or video games. All levels are welcome! This class is offered once a week.
    3. Lacrosse (Oakland Lacrosse): Come play lacrosse this fall, the oldest North American sport ever created! The Oakland Lacrosse Club will be at Montera to provide the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game while having lots of fun. Our weekly sessions are open to all skill levels, grades, and genders. Our Coaches are ready to work with multi-sport athletes and those trying sports for the first time! Email info@oaklandlacrosse.org for any questions involving lacrosse in Oakland. NOTE: Lacrosse is a club sport in the fall and a  competitive sport in the spring.
    4. Cooking (Ms. Shaw): Students will learn and prepare healthy recipes once a week.
    5. Hiking Club (Mr. Cooper and Mr. Latimore): This club is about fun and fitness. Once a week, Mr. Cooper and Mr. Latimore will take students hiking on nearby trails to enjoy the great outdoors and explore the park. 
    6. Fashion Club (Ms. Jackson): Develop your fashion skills in this weekly class with discussions to sketches, choosing fabrics, and finishing creating your vision. POSTPONED.
    7. Chess Club (Mr. Davis)
    8. Yoga (Ms. Toohey) See details below.
    9. Girls on the Mic is a program of Women's Audio Mission- a non-profit that uses music and media to connect middle and high school girls every year to STEAM studies. Typically, when we are in-person, we travel with our mobile recording rigs to our partner schools and bring students to our studio. We offer a standard curriculum that includes music production, coding, synthesizers, songwriting, podcast production, and more. These videos offer a good overview of what we do.


    Fee-Based Classes

    A student does not need to be enrolled in ASP to attend these classes. Except for Dance & Yoga, all students, no matter their ASP enrollment, need to pay for these classes to be registered. If your student is not enrolled in ASP, a parent/caregiver will need to pick up their student when the class ends. 

    1. Art (Mr. Bell): This course is an in-depth exploration into the Elements and Principles of Art, Diversity in Art, and Art Critique. Students will create original artwork through painting, drawing, pastels, sculpture, mixed media, and photography. They will learn how to put together an art show and develop an art portfolio. As student skills increase over time, the projects will become more challenging.
    2. Jazz Band (Mr. Worrall): The Jazz Band is open to Montera instrumentalists (brass, woodwinds, drums, piano, bass, and guitar) that have a year of playing experience and are willing to dedicate extra time to perform in Jazz Band. Students will develop their ensemble playing, improvisation, and performance experience by participating in events throughout the year such as a Winter and Spring concert. Students should prepare a short piece of music of their choice in any style for a brief audition on Thursday, September 2. Students will sign up for a time slot posted on Mr. Worrall's door.
    3. Woodshop (Mr. Runge): All Levels Welcome! In the Afterschool Woodshop, we will begin by learning about the tools in the shop and what they do. At the same time, we will learn about shop safety. After passing the safety test, the students will begin working on individual projects. These projects are all designed to teach the students basic wood-working skills and principles as well as design. If a student is more advanced, they will have the opportunity to use the planer, palm sander, palm router, scroll saw, band saw, disk sander, drill press, and others. The students will work at their own pace but with guidance and encouragement. All completed projects will be taken home.
    4. Dance (Cristina Balcazar from Destiny Arts Center): Destiny Arts Center believes that art and movement gives young people a vehicle for self and community expression. This dance class includes Street Dance: Hip Hop, House & Break Dancing for all grades and levels. This class is FREE for students enrolled in the Afterschool Program. CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT.
    5. Yoga (Ms. Toohey): We are excited to share that we are kick-starting a Yoga & Mindfulness after-school program beginning in January. We are looking for students who are interested in learning about breath and movement techniques to destress, feel healthy, and connect with other students. We will introduce a variety of tools in the program including yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, journal writing, and group sharing. The group will be led by Erin Toohey, our Speech Therapist at Montera, who has been teaching yoga for the past 8 years. Please reach out to Erin at erin.toohey@ousd.org with any questions or for additional information. This class is FREE for students enrolled in the Afterschool Program.
    6. Theater - All Levels Welcome - Theatre with the Oakland Theatre Project: Theatre games, improvisation, scene study, and more! Learn from teaching artist Sharon Shao of the Oakland Theatre Project in this two-hour after-school class. No experience necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to have fun!


    Enrichment Class Schedule

    Note that sports are listed separately on the Athletics page.

Fee-Based Classes

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