***NEW OFFERINGS AVAILABLE IN 2019-2020!**


    The 2019-2020 school year brings some new class offerings to Montera students during the After School hours For additional information on our new offerings & current programs, please review the sections below.



    MONTERA Fine Arts Enrichment Offerings


    Class options inlcude:


    • ART ( 6 spaces available)


    • DANCE  (next session begins January 6th, 2020)



    art class

    Art Instructor: Mr. Derrick Bell

    Room:  402

    Email Address: derrick.bell@ousd.org



    Mission Statement:        

    The mission is to enrich the lives of young artists through the celebration of self-expression, diversity and innovation by producing art that infuses the spirit of creativity and authenticity.  


    Course Description:

    This is a year long course designed for students who are interested in learning and creating “Visual Art”.  This course is an in-depth exploration into the Elements and Principles of Art, Diversity in Art and Art Critique. Students will explore a variety of art processes and materials such as painting, drawing, pastels, sculpture, mixed media and photography. They will use their imagination, personal experiences, cultural references and the foundation gained in previous art class(es) to create original artwork. They will learn how to put together an art show and will develop an art portfolio. As student skills increase over time, the projects will become more challenging. Individual creativity, neatness and the respect for the work of others are encouraged at all levels.




    Goals: The course is intended to meet the following students needs:

    Develop and expand:

    • Visual arts knowledge and skills to express ideas and concepts
    • Aesthetic perception
    • Knowledge of historical and cultural developments
    • Common core of knowledge that transcends subject areas.
    • Art Criticism


    Materials and Supplies:

    Most of the art supplies will be provided in the classroom.  This includes paint, brushes, color pencils, drawing pencils, markers, paper, rulers, etc.  However, each student is encouraged to purchase his/her own:

    Suggested Materials and Supplies (to purchase).

    • Marker Set
    • Two Thin Sharpies
    • Colored Pencils
    • Glue Stick





    dance class

    Dance Instructor: Ms. Damie Nazapas

    Montera Exercise Room

    Email: damaliah.nazapas@ousd.org



    Mission Statement:

    The mission of MONTERA’S BODIROCK CULTURE DANCE COMPANY is: To teach the fundamentals of Dance while incorporating History & Culture of the genres; Serve as a platform of creative expression & development for Montera students; Promote healthy lifestyles by using Dance as a form of exercise;  Promote team building and collaboration among Montera students.








    Course Description:

    Montera’s BodiRock Dance Company Classes consists of 4 parts: Dance technique,

     Choreography, History & Culture. All students will study and practice the following:


    • Training in various genres of Dance including: Hip-Hop, Jazz, House, Caribbean, & Latin. Students will also learn about the history / music / culture behind these genres, as well as the artists who create the music.


    • Choreography/formation work. Additional dance elements include footwork, turns, slides,  freestyle development and level changes.


    • Body Conditioning & strength training


    • Fusion element: How to mix various styles of dance together in one routine, and develop student's own choreography


    • Musicality: Not just dancing to counts or song lyrics. Learning how to feel and findvarious rhythms/sounds in the music, and learn to create

              choreography based on that.



    • Sneakers
    • T-Shirt
    • Sweatpants/Dance Pants (NO JEANS)
    • knee pads
    • No loose jewelry
    • water bottle (optional)







     BACR logo




    fb tryouts





    The BACR Morning Care Program has been suspended indefinitely due to not meeting the 15 student minimum requirement.  As the school year progresses and there is more interest in this program, the new fee structure that will be applied is listed below:


    •  $10 per Hour 5 Hours per week  / 4 weeks per month


    • Total Morning Care Cost: $200 per month


    If you are interested in signing up for the Morning Care Program, please contact Kenya Latimore  at @ ​klatimore@bacr.org​.  







    BACR After-School Sports Programming & Study Hall Classes

    Sport offerings include:

    • Flag Football
    • Girls/Boys Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Track & Field
    • Vollyball
    • Cheer
    • After School Study Hall Classes



    The After School Sports/Study Hall Programming is operated by Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) a regional nonprofit agency founded in 1976. Our mission is to promote healthy development among youth and families, encourage service and volunteerism, and build communities. BACR has provided after-school academic support, enrichment, and physical activity programming in Bay Area communities for more than 30 years and is currently providing over 90 after school programs across the bay.


    The BACR After School Sports/Study Hall Program is a safe and fun place to be after school! It is designed for middle school students to partake in numerous enrichment activities connected with academics, explore their inner creative abilities, interests and talents, and be exposed to different fun and engaging opportunities that will enhance their thinking, learning and development processes. We offer a variety of enrichment, physical and community-based activities. Homework time and assistance will be provided Monday- Thursday within the last hour of program. Please keep in mind that our program provides homework assistance, as well as other enrichment activities for our students. We do not guarantee that your student's homework will be completed daily, so please check in with your student and look over their homework every night. Snack is provided daily for all students. Program is held Monday-Friday, operating from school dismissal until 6:00 p.m. daily.


    The BACR After School Sports/Study Hall & Morning Program begins on the August 19. 2019. The program is closed when the school is closed. Also, the program closes three times out of the year for Professional Development (Dates to be determined. Reminders will be sent out in advance. 

    *Please note that completion/submission of an application does not guarantee your student's acceptance or enrollment  into the BACR After School Sports/ Studey Hall ProgramPriority registration will be offered to returning students. After that,  remaining egistration will be on a first come first served basis until the maximum enrollment is reached. All accepted students will be notified in the by the first day of school. If your student is not accepted, he/she will be placed on our waiting list. Students on the waiting list will be placed in order. Once a spot opens, students will be called according to their position on the waiting list.




     Monthly Fee: Full Time Enrollment


    Cost Of First Child

    Cost of Additional Child

    Tier 1



    Tier 2



    Tier 3





    Only five $50 Scholarships


    Only 5 free Scholarships


     Monthly Fee: Part Time Enrollment


    4 DAYS/WK

    3 DAYS/WK

    2 DAYS/WK

    1 DAY/WK

    Tier 1





    Tier 2





    Tier 3






    Before enrollment is completed and your child begins participation in the Montera After School Program these 3 steps need to be completed:


    •  Registration Packet (COMING SOON)
    • You will need the following information at time of registration:
    • Completed registration packet
    • Previous years 2018 Tax info or last 2 check stubs  (If requesting financial assistance)
    • Attend parent orientation.
    • 1st Month Enrollment payment (money order, or personal check, or bacr.org/payments) due before participation can begin. 


    Please note that BACR is a 501c3 and will provide their Tax ID for those who have FSA and want to claim the ASP care on their taxes.

    I am here to answer any questions that you may have as we transition into this new era of the Montera After School Program. Please contact me at klatimore@bacr.org.



    Payments accepted: Checks/money orders made out to BACR, automatic bill pay, or payments online at https://www.bacr.org/payments.  Cash will NOT be accepted.  On memo line, please write Montera and your child's name.   All payments and fees are non-refundable.


    Questions?  Please contact Mr. Latimore

    Kenya Latimore
    Montera Site Coordinator, Bay Area Community Resources

    Mobile: 510.541.0259 (cell)
    Email: klatimore@bacr.org
    Website: bacr.org
    Address: 5555 Ascot Dr. Oakland,CA 94611