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    Envisioneers’ Expanded Learning Program

    Envisioneers’ mission and vision align with Montera, where scholars will thrive academically and socially from a rigorous and balanced education, and a nurturing, inclusive environment. Their primary focus will be to expand the learning opportunities of our scholars, meaning they are not only supporting scholars after school but throughout the school day as well. Envisioneers’ will provide teaching fellows during the school day to support scholars in the classroom and then extend into the after-school portion of the day.


    Our MISSION 

    To combat systemic inequity in public education by fostering and cultivating the academic and social emotional skills of our scholars while exposing them to engaging project-based learning and community mentors. 

    Our VISION 
    By fostering and cultivating the social emotional skills in our scholars while exposing them to project-based learning and mentors, all scholars thrive as they realize the opportunities that are available to them and gain the skills necessary to envision their passion and dreams.


    Envisioneers Overview (PDF)


    Program Costs (Sliding Scale)


  • Afterschool Clubs

    Registration for afterschool clubs will take place through Envisioneers.  Please register by completing the Envisioneers RegPack to indicate your interest in any of the clubs listed below.  All students are eligible for afterschool clubs: both those enrolled in the Envisioneers Extended Learning Time (afterschool program) and those NOT enrolled.  Once you are notified that your student has been accepted into an afterschool club, payment will be requested via the Envisioneers' RegPack website.  


    Art with Mr. Bell - This course is an in-depth exploration into the Elements and Principles of Art, Diversity in Art, and Art Critique. Students will create original artwork through painting, drawing, pastels, sculpture, mixed media, and photography. They will learn how to put together an art show and develop an art portfolio. As student skills increase over time, the projects will become more challenging.  
    ART: Tuesday 3:40-5:30 PM Room 402  $285 per student. Sibling is $200.00. Class dates: 1/17-5/09.  Class minimum 10. Class maximum 25.
    Jazz Band with Mr. Worrall - The Jazz Band is open to Montera instrumentalists (brass, woodwinds, drums, piano, bass, and guitar) that have a year of playing experience and are willing to dedicate extra time to perform in Jazz Band. Students will develop their ensemble playing, improvisation, and performance experience by participating in events throughout the year such as a Winter and Spring concert. Students should prepare a short piece of music of their choice in any style for a brief audition on Tuesday, August 30th. Students will sign up for a time slot posted on Mr. Worrall's door.
    JAZZ BAND Tues/Thurs 3:45-4:45 PM Room 101 $285 per student. Sibling is $200.00. Class dates: 1/10-5/23.  Class minimum 10.
    Theatre with Oakland Theatre Project: All Levels Welcome - Theatre games, improvisation, scene study, and more!   No experience necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to have fun!  
    THEATRE: Mondays 3:45 - 5:30.  Room: 214 / MUR  Spring 2023 Class Dates: 2/6 - 5/15  Fee: $250.  Class maximum 20.