• 8th Grade Activities

    Class of 2023!


    Please note that each event is subject to change based on health and safety protocols in place. 


    • PROMOTION CEREMONY - May 23, 3:30-5:00 PM, Temple Hill Auditorium, 4780 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland.  


    If you have questions, please email 8th Grade Activities Coordinator at 8thgradeactivities@monterapto.com 


    2023 8th Grade Promotion Photos & Video


     2023 - 8th Grade Promotion

    Photos and the video of the promotion taken by Dr. Isaac Emrick.


    2023 8th Grade Picnic at Roberts Regional Redwood Park


    8th Grade Picnic at Roberts Regional Redwood Park


    THANK YOU 8th grade families for all your support, donations, and seeing our students have a wonderful experience. Thank you to the staff who assisted and ensured our students came together and had a fantastic time through the midst of the strike. - Nay Colvin    


    For more 8th grade picnic photos click here.



    2023 8th Grade "Under The Stars" Dinner Dance


    8th Grade Dinner Dance



    For more 8th grade dinner dance photos click here.



    2023 8th Grade Great America Trip


    2023 8th Grade Great America trip


    Thanks so much to the amazing parent volunteers, the 8th Grade Activities team, and especially Nay Colvin, 8th Grade Activities Lead Extraordinaire, for taking 156 8th graders to Great America on Friday night!!


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    We understand that not all families can contribute the full amount — please give what you're able to. No student will be turned away due to lack of finances. For those of you that can contribute more, please do so in support of our entire 8th grade community. Your angel contribution will be greatly appreciated.