Community Info Sessions

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    COVID Info Session

    January 18, 2022


    Featuring UCSF partners.

    Get answers to your questions about the state, county, and District’s latest guidance and protocols, Omicron, vaccines, and any other COVID-related topic.



    OUSD Vaccine Policy Night:

    Learn more about the vaccine requirement for students 12+

    Dec 1, 2021
    5:00 PM 

    Watch the webinar here

Previously Held Meetings

  • July 13, 5:00 pm : Family Report Back: Reopening of Schools
    July 2, 5:00 pm : Family Report Back: Informational Session on the Reopening of Schools
    July 1, 6:00 pm : Special Meeting: Discussion about Start of School and Black Students
    • Committee to Empower Excellence in Black Student Education (CEEBSE)


    June 30, 5:30 pm : Special Meeting: Continuity of Support for Foster Students in 2020-21

    • Foster Youth Advisory Committee (FYAC)
    June 22, 6:00 pm : Survey & Dialogue about Start of School & Students with Dis/abilities
    • Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC)


    June 25, 6:00 pm : Special Meeting: Basic Access in Language of Families during Closures
    • District English Language Learners’ Sub-Committee (DELLS)


    June 17, 5:30 pm : Special Meeting: Planning for Reopening Schools and Budget Update

    • LCAP Parent & Student Advisory Committee (LCAP PSAC)


    June 4, 2020 : English Language Learner Community Meeting

    • 5:30-7:00pm 
    • Thank you to the 200+ attendees.
    • This meeting was conducted in Spanish with English translation.


    June 1, 2020 : OUSD Community Town Hall

Vaccines and Safety in Schools Info Sessions

  • Youth Session:

    • April 13, 3:30-5:00
    • Interactive session
    • Zoom link to follow soon 

Previously Held General Info Sessions


    Feb. 16, 2021, Reopening Info Session for Families

    • Hosted by District 3 Board Director VanCedric Williams
    • Link to video recording will be posted here


    Feb 9, 2021, Reopening Info Session for Families

    • Hosted by District 7 Board Director Clifford Thompson
    • Link to Video Recording | password: ?S+5C$@6


    Feb 2, 2021, Reopening Info Session for Families


    Feb 1, 2021, Reopening Info Session for Families

    • Hosted by District 5 Board Director Mike Hutchinson
    • Link to Video Recording


    Jan. 26, 2021, Reopening Info Session for OUSD Staff


    Jan. 25, 2021, Reopening Info Session for Families

    • Hosted by Board President / District 6 Board Director Shanthi Gonzales
    • Link to Video Recording | password: +40*8Gv^


    Jan. 21, 2021, Reopening Info Session for Families*

    • *Limited to first 300 attendees
    • Hosted by Board Vice President / District 1 Director Sam Davis
    • Link to Video Recording | password: 9PJ*frPw


    Jan. 20, 2021, Reopening Info Session for Students

    • Hosted by the All City Council Student Union Board


    Jan. 19, 2021, Reopening Info Session for OUSD Staff

    • Thank you to all 200+ attendees!
    • Presentation: English

    Jan. 12, 2021 Reopening Info Session for Families

    Jan. 11, 2021 Reopening Info Session for OUSD Staff


    Jan. 08, 2021 Reopening Info Session for OUSD Advisory


    Jan. 08, 2021 Reopening Info Session for OUSD Principals

Family Fall Feedback Survey

  • Thank you for participating in the Fall 2020 Family Feedback Survey


    The community-wide survey was designed to collect feedback from families on a number of topics which will help us improve our planning. We are processing the information and will be sharing with our community soon.


    Background materials