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Oakland Unified School District

School Wellness


The Wellness Office works to address student health and wellness through program development, implementation, and policy.

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For more information on other Wellness-related programming, please visit the Health & Wellness Unit page.

Student health impacts learning.

Students with better nutrition have better better attention spans, class participation, and test scores.

Improved nutrition and more physical activity reduce behavioral problems. 

Poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and asthma are linked to health problems and increased absences.

Health matters in our schools.

Half of OUSD students are overweight/ obese.

2/3 of OUSD students do not meet fitness standards.

At some schools, asthma rates are as high as 30%.

Almost 1/2 of our 11th graders do not eat breakfast.

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OUSD school wellness programs are primarily funded through Kaiser Permanente, Target Corporation, Annie's / General Mills, Federal Carol White Physical Education Program, Alameda County Public Health Department / Nutrition Education, Obesity Prevention and Safe Routes to School programs. 

Additionally, we work closely with community partners to bring wellness to school sites. Partners include: Kaiser Permanente / Thriving Schools, Alameda County Public Health Department Nutrition Services, Transform, Playworks, FoodCorps, UC Cooperative Extension, and The Teaching Well.