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Oakland Unified School District

Historical Background

school-based health center timeline

Oakland’s SBHCs have historically been developed through community-driven processes to address student health needs. Oakland’s first SBHC, Fremont High School’s Tiger Clinic, opened its doors in 1989. This was followed by the Hawthorne Elementary School Clinic in 1994, the TechniClinic at Oakland Tech in 1996, the Roosevelt Middle School Health Center in 2000, the Chappell Hayes Health Center at McClymonds in 2005, the Youth Uprising-Castlemont High School Center in 2006, and Oakland High’s Shop 55 Wellness Center in 2009.

A large expansion of Oakland’s SBHCs was completed in 2010. Oakland has more than doubled the number of schools providing health and wellness services onsite. This expansion was funded through grants from Atlantic Philanthropies and Kaiser Permanente.