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  • This data is from and shows our success:

    OUSD school finder data chart

    Why choose Prescott School?


    • We are the best performing elementary school in West Oakland, with the highest combined
    SBAC scores of all West Oakland schools (public and charter) and highest SRI scores
    • 41% of 5th graders graduated above grade level last year for reading (SRI)
    • Positive school culture evidenced in teacher/student/family relationships and welcoming office environment and the district’s own School Quality Review
    • Veteran staff, including 10+ year principal and many 10, 20, 30+ year teachers, Instructional Assistants, other support staff
    • A true neighborhood school, serving families that have attended Prescott for generations and accepting ALL students
    • Proven success at educating students that were failing at other schools
    • 149 year history at the same site
    • Nationally acclaimed Prescott Circus Theater serving 3-5th grades, with resident artists and
    leadership opportunities for students and graduates
    • Kindercircus program
    • Dedicated art teacher, at the site for 10+ years
    • Music program
    • Garden programs
    • Deeply integrated, culturally connected fine/performing arts curriculum, including annual Black History Walk Through. At least 6 performance opportunities per year for all students, all tied to Social Studies/History curriculum
    • Annual participation in Martin Luther King Oratorical Competition Science Super Star school multiple years, with many teachers participating in the Science Super Star program. Strong school emphasis on science and hands-on learning. Advanced implementation of Next Generation Science Standards
    • Annual Family Science Night
    • Full day Pre-K program
    • Extended TK program
    • District leader in trauma informed instruction and support methods. Extra investment in veteran psychologist for counseling students in need
    • Powerful, effective Student Success Team. Consistent, committed Resource team (Resource and speech teachers, school psychologist, and Special Ed Instructional Assistant) with emphasis on early intervention and support
    • Highly effective reading tutoring program for 2nd/3rd grade
    • Annual 5th grade outdoor science camp at Mission Springs
    • Partnership with Middle Harbor Shoreline Park with naturalist-led programs for all classes


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  • What Does District "Love" Look Like at Prescott?

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  • Thanks to Bikers Investing In Education for raising $3000 for Prescott!  Bikers Invested



    Imhotep "Father of Medicine" (2980 BCE)


    Imhotep, called "God of Medicine," "Prince of Peace," and a "Type of Christ." Imhotep was worshipped as a god and healer from approximately 2850 B.C. to 525 B.C., and as a full deity from 525 B.C. to 550 A.D. Even kings and queens bowed at his throne. Imhotep lived during the Third Dynasty at the court of King Zoser. Imhotep was a known scribe, chief lector, priest, architect, astronomer and magician (medicine and magic were used together.) For 3000 years he was worshipped as a god in Greece and Rome. Early Christians worshippd him as the "Prince of Peace."

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