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Oakland Unified School District

Thornhill Elementary School

Thornhill Elementary School
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  TK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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  5880 Thornhill Drive, Oakland, CA
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  (510) 879-2157
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AC Transit Lines 605, 642, 660, and 662

Principal: Steven Daubenspeck

Network Superintendent: Sabrina "Bri" Moore

Uniform: No uniforms required

Mascot: Thunderbirds


08:35 AM - 03:00 PM

Bell Schedule

Services & Offerings

  • After-School Program
  • Before-School Program


Thornhill is a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School.

Thornhill Elementary School is a neighborhood school situated in the Oakland Hills. About 31% of our students come from outside the school's attendance area. The ethnic background of our students is as follows: 55% European, 12% Asian, 11% African, 10% Latino, and 9% other. About 6% are English Learners and 13% of our students are low income.

Our staff of highly qualified teachers provides academic curriculum to all students as well as a program of social/emotional skills. Thornhill in its 4th year of PBIS (positive, behavioral, intervention, supports) with this approach or school values are to be SAFE,MINDFUL AND RESPONSIBLE.

We have 396 students in TK-5th grade; 16 full-time teachers, 2-3 classes per grade; part-time instructors for instrumental music, PE art, computers; school psychologist, speech therapist, and 5 classroom aides. All 3rd graders learn Violin) and all 4th and 5th graders are expected to play stringed instrument or percussion. Concurrently, all TK-2nd grades learn African Drumming/Dance. We have many traditions both musical and seasonal that enrich our student’s education.

Our students at our school are involved in other projects and programs to build their social and citizenship skills: Buddies: primary classes pair with upper grade classes for academic or social activities. Conflict Managers/Junior Coaches: upper-grade students trained to mediate playground disputes and lead games during recess to encourage inclusion of all children. Recycling Monitors: 1st and 5th graders who collect and sort recyclables. Playground Materials Monitors: responsible for distribution of yard equipment. Student Council: active group of student leaders who discuss, plan and implement spirit activities and service projects. Lunch Monitors: 5th graders escort students to lunch and supervise lunch time. Donation drives: canned food, pennies, used books and coats for the needy. We have a three year plan.

Over the next three years Thornhill Elementary School will:

  1. Continue to be a Safe, Mindful and Responsible. Our staff work diligently to create a secure campus where a culture of calm prevails.
  2. Provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities as a foundation for SUCCESS in COLLEGE and CAREERS, and to ensure that they can read, write, speak, think critically and reason mathematically for success in middle and high school.
  3. Have HIGH QUALITY and EFFECTIVE INSTRUCTION with excellent teachers for every day of the school year.
  4. Refine our skill set and school culture as a Professional Learning Community.
  5. Develop and implement a system of intervention support to provide targeted intervention for students in need and differentiation for those who have already met grade level standards.

Our vision is to educate each child in a safe and nurturing environment – one that values, respects, and supports our diverse community. We assume the mission to educate the whole child with a comprehensive education. At its core, our mission is one of inclusivity with a focus on supporting our most vulnerable students by giving them the support needed for success. Our Professional Learning Communities at Thornhill Elementary provide enriched curricular and social experiences for all children, embracing diversity and equity, so that they may learn academic and social skills enabling them to become full citizens in our country and follow careers of their choice.

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