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Oakland Unified School District

Sequoia Elementary School

Sequoia Elementary School
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  TK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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  3730 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland, CA
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  (510) 879-2151
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AC Transit Lines 39, 339, 57, 643, and 653


Network Superintendent: Leroy Gaines

Uniform: No uniform required

Mascot: Squirrels


08:30 am - 03:00 pm

Bell Schedule

Services & Offerings

  • African American Male Achievement (AAMA)
  • After-School Program
  • Before-School Program


It is the mission of Sequoia Elementary to provide a powerful education to all students, enabling them to effectively contribute to our democratic society. Sequoia's core values of responsibility, respect, honesty, and compassion inform our school culture and mission. Our vision is to ensure that all students have access to our core program within the context of a heterogeneous classroom. Sequoia's Equity Value Statement acknowledges that a significant gaps exist in academic opportunity and achievement and we, as a school community, must play a primary role in closing these gaps.

Classes at Sequoia are balanced in terms of gender, ethnicity, and academic achievement. We present a curriculum that addresses different levels of linguistic and cultural orientations, complexity, pace and material to all students, and a variety of enrichment programs. We are committed to fostering a positive school-wide climate to support our vision. The community will know that an education at Sequoia will ensure that students are responsible, respectful, compassionate and honest and prepared to go forward to reach their goals beyond elementary school.

Sequoia has many opportunities for caregiver and family involvement. Caregivers are involved in school affinity groups, the Sequoia Parent and Teacher Organization (SPTO), the ACORNS parents club, and as volunteer in classrooms.

Like sequoia trees, our students will have strong roots, achieve great heights, and be able to weather storms. The collegial atmosphere and the passion that adults exhibit for learning is the soil in which the saplings - our students - can take root and soar.

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