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Charter Schools

If you have a concern and your child attends a public charter school, you should contact the principal of your child's school.

Charter schools operate independently from the Oakland Unified School District. They have their own Governing Board, Superintendent, policies, complaint procedures and hire their own staff. Charter school staff are not OUSD employees, and we cannot investigate complaints filed against employees at charter schools.  We recommend that you contact the Ombudsperson for your charter school.

List of Ombudspersons - OUSD Authorized Charter Schools: 2021-22

Contact Us

OUSD Office of Charter Schools

1011 Union Street, Site 947
Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: (510) 879-1677

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For more information, you may also contact the District's Charter Schools Office for assistance

Kelly Krag Arnold

Executive Director

Contact for charter renewals, material revisions, new charter petitions, and press requests.

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Guadalupe Nuno

Community Liaison

Contact for community engagement, complaints, transcript requests and resource information.  

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