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Oakland Unified School District

For Students & Families


Contact the OUSD Office of Charter Schools or file a complaint about an OUSD-authorized charter school. 

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Know Your Rights

Learn your rights and rules charter schools must follow.

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Student Records

Get student records for a closed OUSD-authorized charter school. 

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How do I file a complaint about an OUSD-authorized charter school? 

If you want the Office of Charter Schools to know about a concern you have with your OUSD-authorized charter school, you can email or call (510)879-1677.

Generally, complaints should first be shared with the charter school’s leader. However, if your complaint is about a dangerous situation for students, discrimination, failure to provide services or assessment for special education, or if the school leader/ombudsperson has not responded to your complaint, you should contact the charter school’s authorizer.
For many charter schools in Oakland, the authorizer will be the Oakland Unified School District. However, not all charter schools in Oakland are authorized by Oakland Unified School District. Some are authorized by:

To check who authorizes a particular charter school in Oakland, please visit the Charter Schools Authorized in Oakland page.
Since charter schools are independent, authorizers DO NOT operate any charter schools; therefore, authorizers do not manage students' grades, discipline, enrollment/admission or any charter school employees. Authorizers provide oversight to ensure that charter schools operate according to the requirements of the law and the policies established in the school’s charter petition.

What if my complaint is about the school leader?

If your complaint is about a charter school leader, you should contact the ombudsperson for your school. The ombudsperson is a neutral individual responsible for investigating and responding ​to complaints against leadership. The ombudsperson should be listed on the school's website, but if you have trouble finding their contact information, please reach out to OCS. 

What is a Uniform Complaint Procedure and how do I file one?

Each school has its own process for investigating formal complaints. This process should be outlined in their Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP). Learn more about general requirements for Uniform Complaint Procedures by visiting the California Department of Education's Uniform Complaint Procedure Page.

Complaints Process

First page of the PDF file: complaints_diagram_-_english_1

Know Your Rights

Learn more about your rights as a charter school student or family. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the OUSD Office of Charter Schools at


Charter School Student Records

Closed Charter High School Transcripts

Please note that the OUSD Office of Charter Schools (OCS) only maintains the records of closed charter schools. Some schools kept or turned over incomplete records, and this office does not have the authority to add or make changes to them. OCS only has transcripts for the following high schools.

  • East Oakland Leadership Academy High School

  • Oakland Aviation High School
  • Oasis High School
  • University Preparatory High School (UPREP)
  • Conservatory Of Vocal and Instrumental Arts High School (COVAH) 

If you have graduated from or attended one of these schools, please fill out and return the Transcript Request Form to our office via e-mail (

Download Transcript Request Form

Closed Charter School Cumulative Files

Individuals looking for cumulative files from Dolores Huerta and E.C. Reems may send requests via the Transcript Request Form. 

Student cumulative files from the closed 100 Black Men school can be requested through Ms. Adrienne Shelton—the Office of Charter Schools does not have access to these files. 

Open Charter School Transcripts 

Transcript requests for students who went to charter schools that are currently in operation, must be directed to the school. 

All other OUSD transcripts can be requested through the OUSD high school from which the student graduated.