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Oakland Unified School District

Office of Charter Schools

What We Do

The Office of Charter Schools (OCS) is a department within Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) that authorizes and oversees 28 independently run public charter schools in Oakland.

This work includes evaluating charters--for both new and renewing schools--as well as monitoring the educational progress and financial standing of schools throughout the year. Additionally, our office strives to be the bridge between the charter school network and OUSD.

Through transparent policies and procedures, professional customer service, and collaborative practices, the Office of Charter Schools works in the interest of students and families in Oakland, who deserve a high quality, free, public education.

Diagram of the relationship between the authorizer and charter schools

Contact Us


Phone: (510) 879-1677

Mailing Address: 1011 Union Street #947, Oakland, CA 94607

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


Oakland deserves a world class education community that is united in the goal to ensure all students have access to a high quality education that prepares them for college, career, and community success.


OCS seeks to be a trusted and consistent link between OUSD and the Oakland charter sector. We interpret and implement charter policy and law to provide meaningful, transparent, and proactive oversight of OUSD-authorized schools in order to build greater stability, collaboration, and accountability in the Oakland education landscape.


Equity: We have a shared responsibility to develop policies and practices that intentionally center and incentivize access and opportunity for all.

Transparency: We strive for our data, actions, and decision-making to be clear and accessible to all.

Expertise: We stay up to date with all laws and regulations related to charter schools so that OUSD can be an effective and strategic authorizer.

Collaboration: We work closely with district, charter, and community stakeholders so that educational leaders are working in partnership for Oakland students.

Our Staff

Contact for charter renewals, material revisions, new charter petitions, facilities, and press requests.
Madison Thomas, Deputy Director
Contact for Policy/Oversight related questions
Marwa Doost, Compliance Specialist
Contact for compliance related questions and Notices of Concern
Minh Co, Accounting Manager
Contact for attendance reporting, financial reporting, and billing matters.
​Guadalupe Nuño, Community Liaison
Contact for community engagement, complaints, and transcript requests.
Kristy Lu, Analytics Specialist
Contact for data request questions and CORE Collaborative.

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