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Oakland Unified School District


Where can you find the Harvest of the Month in OUSD?

Harvest of the Month (HOTM) programming in OUSD brings together classrooms, school gardens, and school cafeterias!

Learn more about HOTM programming here!

Harvest of the Month in OUSD schools!

students eating cucumbers from the Harvest of the Month

Students at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary participating in the October's HOTM Cucumber Crunch

Highland Community School students are leading a taste test of April's Harvest of the Month, snap peas!

Students trying Persian cucumbers in the cafeteria.

Bella Vista students try October's Harvest of the Month, cucumbers!

Strawberries growing in the McCylmonds High School garden!

Lockwood STEAM Academy's Harvest of the Month bulletin board for broccoli features educational materials and much more! It's located in the cafeteria so students can learn about broccoli while eating it from the produce bar.