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  • Open Letter to Our Students
    in a Time of Uprising

    MetWest High School, Oakland, CA
    June 2020

    Dear students,

    You matter. Your dreams and passions and interests matter. Your skills and knowledge and growth matter. Your smile and joy matter. Your pain and rage matter. Your successes and failures matter. You matter to us. You matter to your family and your friends and most importantly, to the world. Your life matters. Your future matters.

    We promise to never underestimate you. Youth have always led the way in freedom movements: from the Black Panther Party to the Dreamers, from the Greensboro Sit-ins to the Climate Strike, from the Little Rock Nine to the East LA Walkouts. When the youth demand justice and liberation, the world listens. We see young people leading the marches in Oakland and San Francisco with well over 20,000 people stepping up to your call for action. Your energy and passion are changing our world. We promise to follow your lead.

    We recognize that education and schools have been sites of oppression and trauma, particularly for indigenous students, Black students, and students of color. We commit to striving toward and providing you with an education for liberation and justice. This means:

    • We will nurture and enable a student leadership body to influence our school’s policies and culture.
    • We will elevate and amplify student voice by providing you the opportunity to direct your learning and explore your passions.
    • We will confront racism, bias and anti-blackness in our school culture, climate, and curriculum.
    • We will stand with the Black Organizing Project to demand that OUSD have Police Free Schools in 2020 and that OUSD reinvest the school police budget into services that support the youth feeling authentically safe at school.
    • We will say their names and demand an end to state sanctioned violence. We will demand #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforbreonnataylor and an end to police brutality. We will demand #justiceforcarloshernandezvasquez #justiceforjakelinmaquin and an end to ICE detention centers and family separation.
    • We will demand our schools be fully funded to provide a powerful and meaningful education to every single student. 
    • Another world is possible. The current uprising is revealing exactly that. We promise to continue teaching and sharing skills and tools you can use to shape the world and future you want. We will work alongside you, every step of the way. Be safe, take care of yourself and each other.


    Your teachers and staff at MetWest HS

    Alizabeth McGowan, 9th Grade Advisor

    Caitlin Ditta, Mental Health Counselor

    Catie Tombs, 10th Grade Advisor

    Daniel Harbarger, Advisor

    Etang Inyang, Expanded Learning Coordinator

    Kate Dunn, Resource Specialist

    Lawrence Teng, Mathematics Teacher

    Logan Manning, Principal

    Malik Edwards, Restorative Practices

    Michael Cellemme, Learning Through Internships Coordinator

    Nhi Truong, 10th Grade Advisor

    Nick Palmquist, 11th Grade Advisor

    Sara Heller, Resource Specialist

    Shannon Carey, 12th Grade Advisor

    Wendy Lichtman, Math Intervention teacher

    Whitney Dwyer, 10th Grade Advisor