The Latino Student Achievement initiative creates the educational systemic conditions, culture, and competencies necessary to advance Latino student achievement within a full-service community school district. Together, with our community, we are providing Latino students the academic, social, and emotional support they need to succeed in college, career, and life.





     Maestr@S Pathway Program Application ~ Now open!








    Maestros Pathway Program

    Are you Latino and interested in becoming a teacher? 


    Latino Student Achievement will support you with an LSA Pathway Program with an opportunity for a

    scholarship that will cover:

    - Tuition in a teacher credential program
    - Fees for CBEST/CSET and credential applications
    - Professional development that will provide community and support 

    Students make up 44.7% of OUSD's student body and yet about 20% of their teachers are Latino. Research shows that effective teachers are the single most factor in improving student achievement. OUSD Maestr@s is your opportunity to make a difference in your community while developing yourself. 



    Our Maestr@S application period is now open!


    If you are a Maestr@ Veteran@s please contact Marisa Villegas for information about our new space of support for Latino teachers.


    For more info contact Eve Delfin or Marisa Villegas

    Latino Student Achievement Specialists



    Frick Middle School
    2845 64th Avenue

    Music Building

    Oakland, CA 94605

    Phone: 510.879.2938
    Website: www.ousd.org/lsa