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Oakland Unified School District

Information for Non OUSD Students

Congratulations on securing employment!

As of June 30, 2020, OUSD is not processing work permits for Charter and Private schools.

Students: To obtain a work permit, please find your school's Work Permit processor here: Oakland Charter and Private School Work Permit Directory.

If you cannot find your school in the directory, or have other questions, please contact us at

Work Permit Charter/Private Schools Directory




Afrikan Children Advance Learning Center

1418 Campbell Street 

(510) 923-0164


American Indian Model Schools

171 12th Street

(510) 482-6000

Chaniel Clark

Educational Coordinator

Arise High School

3301 E.12 Street Unit 205

(510) 436-5483


Aspire Golden Gate State Prep

1009 66th Avenue

(510) 567-9631 x1

Stephanie Hoang

Academic College Counselor

Bishop O'Dowd

9500 Stearn Ave

(510) 577-9100

Chris Abdenour


Bay Area Technology School

8251 Fontaine Street

(510) 382-9932


Cristo Rey De La Salle, East Bay

1530 34th Avenue

(510) 532-8947

John Coughlan

Director, Corporate Work Study Program

East Bay Innovation Academy

3800 Mountain Blvd

(510) 577-9557


Envision Academy

1515 Webster Street

(510) 596-8901

Lucy Lujano

Office Manager

Head Royce

4315 Lincoln Avenue

(510) 531-1300

Marya Davis

HR Director

Holy Names High

4660 Harbord Dr

(510) 450-1110


Lighthouse Community Charter

444 Hegenberger Rd

(510) 562-8801

Joshua Weintraub

Director of College & Career Success

Leadership Public School -Oakland R&D

8601 MacArthur Blvd

(510) 633-0750


Oakland Charter High School

2433 Coolidge Ave

(510) 436-0101

Bianca Forrester

Site Director

Oakland Unity High School

6038 Brann Street

(510) 635-7170

Maria Valencia

Oakland Military Institute

387 Lusk Street

(510) 594-3900

Linda Williams

Student Services Coordinator

Oakland School of the Arts

530 18th Street

(510) 873-8800

Anna DeRoos

Dean of Students

Pattern Academy

2430 Coolidge Avenue

(510) 533-3121


The College Preparatory School

6100 Broadway

(510) 652-0111

Manisha Shastri

School Secretary