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Oakland Unified School District

Work Permits

Students: Congratulations on securing a job!

Students, parents & employees,

Summer Work Permits will expire August 12th. Students, if you are planning to continue to work during the school year, you will need to apply for a new work permit. We will begin accepting applications for the 2023-24 school year on August 1st. We will not process any applications during the week of July 24 - 31st, to prepare for the new school year.

graphic of students asking where to get work permits

To obtain a work permit, the students must initiate this application or it will be denied.  (Parents or employers cannot complete the student's work permit application for the student employee.)

Note: A student needs her/his guardian's email and employer's email to complete this step. Once the student completes her/his section, s/he routes it to the guardian, after which it gets routed to the employer.

For further guidance on completing your application view this presentation.

See the OUSD Student Career Opportunity Website

To access these pages you must log in with your OUSD Email.

If you need more help, please contact the Work Permit Point Person from your school. See the list below:

High School Contacts Point Person
Ralph Bunche Academy
(510) 879-2309
Evelyn Delgado

Madison Park Academy
(510) 879-2315

Yanira Velazquez

Brianna Wilkinson

Oakland Tech
(510) 879-2305

Terrance Holiday

Kenyah Evans

Oakland High School
(510) 879-2304
Gayle Fake
Oakland International High School
(510) 879-1353
Dola Abdulla
Skyline High School
(510) 879-2306
Nicole Smith
Dewey Academy
(510) 879-8310
Michell McKnight
(510) 879-2301
Samantha Odom
(510) 879-2302
Derek Boyd
(510) 879-2338
Jessica Arechiga
Life Academy
(510) 879-1335
Ronald Towns
(510) 879-3232
Amy Boyle
(510) 879-879-2303
Audrey Wade

Street Academy
(510) 879-2313

Robert Young
Sojourner Truth
(510) 879-5330
Yvonne Salvador
(510) 879-2352
Yvonne Salvador
Gateway to College @ Laney
(510) 879-2311
William Ramos Ochoa
OUSD - CTS Tracey Tashiro
OUSD - NPS Jorge Wahner


Middle School Contacts Point Person
Bret Harte MS
(510) 879-2206
Sara Warner
Claremont MS
(510) 879-2201
LaDale Cummings
Edna Brewer MS
(510) 879-3210
Latrice Ellis-Smith
Montera MS
(510) 879-3211
Larrisha Coney

If you are unable to contact the point person at the school site, reach out to the District Office.
(510) 879-3085

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