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Oakland Unified School District

Concurrent Enrollment in OUSD

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) is a self-driven option for all OUSD high school students, and is in partnership with Peralta Community College's four campuses: College of Alameda, Laney College, Merritt College, and Berkeley City College.  High School students interested in Concurrent Enrollment research and select a college course of their choice, independently enroll via the Peralta "High School Special Enrollment" Form, and are responsible for textbooks, materials, and if applicable transportation. High School students are also responsible for Adding, Dropping, Withdrawing or Excuse Withdrawals, and adhering to all Peralta deadlines, academic calendar, & procedures. Finally---after the completion of the semester---the high school student is responsible to provide their unofficial Peralta transcript to their OUSD High School Counselor to update their OUSD transcript. Please note that for OUSD High School students, up to 15 units per term are free, however for CE, the Peralta unit enrollment cap is 9 units for summer, & 11 units for fall or spring terms. 

Concurrent Enrollment differs from Dual Enrollment in a few key ways; see venn diagram below. 

Venn diagram comparing/contrasting DE and CE in OUSD

For more information and links

Please access our OUSD DE Website's tab "Concurrent Enrollment." 

OUSD students can also directly access this OUSD CE Step-by-Step Guide