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Oakland Unified School District

Pathway Development Toolkit

Engaging Youth in Civic Action Resources

These documents will help you frame your project-based learning through a high-quality civic action framework and support the development of your own action civics project unit.

Oakland Unified School District Project-Based Learning Framework

Unit Plan and Educator Resources

These documents provide an exemplar unit plan and additional educator-facing resources to support the development of an action civics project-based learning unit in your pathway.

Student Resources

These are student-facing document exemplars from Oakland High School's action civics project based learning unit that can be adapted to fit your pathway context.

Templates and Examples

Use these documents to further support your action civics project-based learning unit.

Templates and Examples

Additional Resources

Empowering Civic Action in Youth Through Linked Learning

Strengthening K-12 Assessment Systems to Advance College & Career Readiness

Bringing Linked Learning to Life Through Integrated Project Design

Dual Enrollment: Voices from the Field

EmbedStrategic Master Scheduling: Planning for Student Cohorts

Pathway Resources

District Resources