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Oakland Unified School District

For Educators

Transforming Learning and Teaching

Being a LL educator is a unique, fun, engaging experience, and teachers can benefit from participating in ways similar to how students benefit (connections across aspects of your role/relevancy, creativity and increased freedom in curriculum design, part of team to support each other and students, opportunities for work-based learning and industry experience to inform curriculum, team planning retreats, etc.)

Being a Linked Learning educator is a different way of teaching; with that comes an additional set of challenges. To support Oakland Linked Learning educators in implementing pathways programs, this site can be a first stop for resources, info, how to access help, and more.

The Talent Division

The Talent Division is the keeper of the OUSD employee experience. They are responsible for recruiting, hiring and impeccably supporting OUSD's more than 4,500 active employees to ensure a healthy and stable workforce that can effectively serve Oakland's children and families to ensure every student and every family thrives!

They provide services ranging from one-on-one employee consultations and assistance to strategic support for schools and departments. For more information, please visit their website.

engineering pathway

Tawana Guillaume | Engineering Pathway Instructor at Madison Park Academy