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Oakland Unified School District

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

The School Health Advisory Council is an advisory board to Oakland Unified School District, Community Schools and Student Services, made up of OUSD parents, teachers, staff, and community partner organizations.

Sarah Ben-Israel, Middle School Science Teacher

Mandy Beri, Middle School Resource Specialist & LGBT Liaison

Ilsa Bertolini, OUSD, Coordinator, Health Education 

Humberto Bracho, Middle School Newcomer Science Teacher

Schmian Evans, OUSD LGBTQ Specialist

Evan Fortin,Teacher on Special Assignment, Health Education

Eia Gardner, OUSD Clinic Liaison

Katie Kelly-Hankin, Teacher on Special Assignment, Sexual Health Education

Mara Larsen-Fleming, OUSD Health and Wellness Director

Alex Medina, Independent Health Educator

Curtis Moore, Director, STD Unit, Alameda County Department of Public Health 

Naomi Shapiro, RN, UCSF Family Healthcare Nursing

Applications for membership are accepted on a rolling basis. Use this link to apply:

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Ilsa Bertolini

Coordinator, Health Education

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