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Oakland Unified School District

Shoo the Flu

Shoo the Flu is returning this fall for its fifth year to provide free flu vaccines for students and staff in Oakland elementary schools.

Shoo the Flu is managed by the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) Immunization Program and is a partnership with the California Department of Public Health and OUSD. Since 2014, Shoo the Flu has provided over 37,460 flu vaccines in Oakland area schools!

Flu Vaccinations: Yes, They're Important

Graphic: Shoo the Flu

Vaccinations are the best defense we’ve got against the flu.

  • We stay healthy
    Grandparents and small children benefit most from fewer flu cases.
  • Students stay in school
    Fewer sick days means they can keep up with their studies.
  • Families save money
    No more missed work to take care of sick kids.

How it Works

Stay Healthy & Safe: OUSD Elementary Schools Provide FREE Flu Shots to Students and Staff during October:

  1. Check the "Participating Schools" list for your student's school Shoo the Flu day
  2. Complete the Parent Consent Form 
  3. Student Returns Completed Parent Consent Form to School
  4. Student Receives FREE Flu Vaccine in School

All students in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through 5th grades at participating schools, including up to 8th grade in TK–8 schools, can get the flu vaccine for FREE — with or without insurance.

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