About Green Gloves

  • The OUSD Green Gloves Program is reducing the environmental footprint of our schools by decreasing and sorting our waste through the efforts of Nutrition and Custodial Services staff.  Our Green Gloves schools improve student learning, safeguard children's health, save money, and empower kids.  We want our children, their schools and our community to be healthy and uphold sustainable practices!


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Green Gloves News

  • Let's reduce the amount of milk going to the share table!

    Download your "Only take it if you're going to drink it" milk sign today.

    Big Changes happen in small packages!
    Say goodbye to the spork packages!
    Say hello to spoons, forks, full size napkins, and their dispensers!

    The benefits:

    • Choice of eating with a fork or spoon
    • Full size, unbleached napkin
    • Simplifies sorting at student cafeteria waste stations
    • Reduction of waste and litter
    • Savings potential with fewer products taken

    These successful changes, first piloted at high schools and a few elementary schools, are now district-wide!



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